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About Me

I'm originally from Maine, but now reside in Florida with my husband and three dogs.  In between, I made a 7 year pit-stop in northeast Tennessee, which is where I met my husband.  However, he is not from Tennessee either.  I originally started this blog as a way to chronicle my life on a 13 acre tract of land in North Florida.  For two years, my husband and I lived in a very large farm-style home in the middle of planted pine.  The Bear Den Plantation was born.

And then, we moved. Yet again. 

I decided that it was time to change things up and "rebrand" for all intents and purposes, to coincide with the move.  

Why Rt 1 US 1?

When I first thought up the new name, I ran it by my husband.  I'm not sure I did that with the Bear Den.  He asked what it meant.  I must have looked at him weird, but the reasons are so obvious to me.

Aside from being a short, snappy name that people with hopefully remember, Route 1 and US 1 are really the same thing.  It's a road.  It runs from northern Maine all the way down to the Florida Keys.  In Maine US Route 1 is just "Route 1."  In Florida it's US 1.  Yes, it bothers me.  I grew up in a small town in Downeast Maine that Route 1 runs through.

But guess what?  The small south Florida town we just moved to has US 1 running through it as well.  It seems I'm not escaping this road anytime soon.  Which is okay because that means we're close to the ocean again.

What's more, is that the town that we've moved to is actually where the husband grew up.  Somehow two people from the opposite ends of US Route 1, met halfway in between in Tennessee, and are back on Route 1.  Or US 1, depending on which one you ask.

Join along as I continue my little journey through life and apparently, the United States.  Or at least Florida.


  1. I like the new look, and I get the whole same street, different name thing!

    1. Thanks! I've been slowly working on it while taking some time to pack and move!!!


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