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Christmas List 2016

Shew, some day I'm going to get on a normal blogging schedule.  I go through these ebbs and flows of wanting to get posts written and posted.  To just the thought of it exhausting me.  I'm feeling the latter currently.  However, we're stuck in traffic in South Carolina after a week up in Tennessee with Scott's family.  I've napped pretty much the entire trip so far, so why not try to get something done - even if it's just a Christmas list as requested by my mother?!

2016 Swarovski Christmas Star (affiliate) - Always on my Christmas list since I started collecting them a few years back.  This year is the 25th year that Swarovski has put out their annual star.  Therefore, I wouldn't say no to the 25th Anniversary Star (affiliate), either.

Samsung NX Camera Bag (affiliate) - I'm still loving my NX 2000 camera system; especially since getting my new lens over the summer.  I've got a couple memory cards that I keep with me at all times.  I learned my lesson in Colorado when I lost my whole first day of pictures due to the card not being formatted.  Now, I'm thinking a back up battery and I dedicated camera bag may be necessary to keep everything together and safe while traveling.

Leather Apple Watch Band (affiliate) - I LOVE my Series 2 Apple Watch.  The band that it came with (in cement) is still in fantastic condition and great for working out.  This band would be a little more appropriate for work time and not quite so "sporty."

VicTsing 2-in-1 Lens (affiliate) - I've always been curious about how well these snap on lenses do for the iPhone Camera.  This one has some pretty solid reviews, and think it may be a good option to get some snaps when I don't have my Samsung camera on me.

Since Thanksgiving, the countdown is on to get everyone ready for Christmas, then it's New Years and tax season.  Please everyone, do your accountants a favor and get your things together and into them early (and ideally, orderly!)

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