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A Day in the Life

I've seen these kinds of posts floating around online for a while, but never really delved into what my normal work days look like.  I've been back to blogging regularly for a fews weeks now, but still seem to disappear randomly.  So here's a normal look at my day, and my an explanation as why I go MIA.

4:15am- Scott's alarm goes off.  I elbow him awake.  Sometimes he rolls over and shuts it off, sometimes he gets up and goes for a run.  I try my damnedest to go back to sleep.  I usually do.

5:30am- My alarm goes off.  I roll over, turn it off, and cat nap.

5:30-6:00am- I wake up every 2-5 minutes checking the clock, determining I have more time to sleep

6:30am-  Jump out of bed because I've now over slept.  Take a shower, blow dry my hair, and turn on a podcast.  Finish getting ready.

7:30am-  Try to be ready to leave.  But I still have coffee to make.  And if Scott's go to leave early in the morning, dogs to feed and take out.

8:00am- 12:00pm- My workday starts; as I work as an accountant (not CPA) at a local accounting firm, my work varies.  This time of year, it ebbs and flows.  I'm getting off of a particular week that has been busy.  These 4 hours include handling client phone calls, preparing tax returns, entering transactions for bookkeeping clients, and pretty much whatever else the partners ask.

12:00pm-1:00pm- Either go home and take the pups out, or more recently, take the lap top to Starbucks, spend $5 on a coffee, and sit here and write.

1:00pm-5:00pm-  More of what I do earlier in the day.  Though my degree is in accounting, I had only worked in certain aspects of accounting up until last year.  I'd done taxes before.  I'd done accounts payable transactions before.  I could be developing a business plan for a local business, I could be on the phone with a state department of revenue trying to straighten out a client issue.  I could be learning a new accounting software, or new program to offer our clients.

5:30- Home to a boy and puppies.  I try to get some blog work done after work, but if I'm mentally exhausted.  I sit on the couch with mindless tv.  Thankfully I have a husband that will cook me food 99% of the time.  These past couple of weeks, there have been a lot of nights that I just can't think anymore after work.

We tend to turn into the bedroom fairly early.  It's just easier watching tv in there when you have 3 dogs with you!  If I'm not asleep by 10, it's a late night for me.  Actually 10:00 is late.  In the winter when it gets dark earlier, my rule is, once it's dark, I'm asleep.  Which gets to be a bigger problem in the mornings when it's still dark when I get up!

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