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Surviving Hurricane Matthew

Not really a "Friday Five" post, but I wanted to share a Hurricane Matthew update.  We're in the middle of a hurricane, still!  Yet, I'm blogging.

We live in Vero Beach, which was supposed to get hit pretty hard.  And maybe the barrier island got it worse.  But it's Friday morning, we still have power, and I'm getting things done.  Did I mention that I've also got a cold?  So thankful we have power right now.

This was Thursday afternoon- I swung by the beach after getting my hair done.  Because, priorities.

The Weather Channel and Governor Rick Scott did a good job of freaking everyone out.  Rightly so, because I'm pretty sure if they didn't, no one would have done anything.  But, everything was boarded up on the beach Thursday afternoon, despite the sunny disposition.

About 6pm, things were a little windy but still hadn't hit.  It took us the better part of 2 days to get all those damn shutters up!  Scott says they're going to stay up for months!

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