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Mountain Vacation Travel Tips

Now that I've shared just about every aspect of our vacation out west to you all, I thought I would share some tips I picked up along the way.

Colorado Vacation Travel Tips

Drink plenty of water.

Scott warned me about this, and it turned out to not be a problem.  I don't drink a lot of water, but I found out there I was craving it, it was so dry.  Scott wound up with a headache a time or two, and it was due to lack of hydration.

Face cream = necessary.  

Along the lines of drinking plenty of water.  Lather your face up with face cream at night.  And in the morning, even better when it has SPF in it!

Print out directions, or have a GPS.

There were many, many spots along the way where we had no cell service with AT&T.  I've heard that Verizon comes in better, but it may not be terrible to have a GPS.  Especially if you're hiking.  Or driving around aimlessly like we do.

Beehive in Vedauwoo

Know what the green cross is.

Those stores with green crosses on them?  They may not sell what your first thought would be.  When I saw a store named "Native Roots," my first thought was not "oh that's a pot shop."  It wasn't until we passed one named "High Q" that it clicked.  Then I realized the green cross.  Apparently this is how you can tell it's a pot store if you're as naive as me.

Bring a sweatshirt.  

Something we always tease my mother-in-law about telling us, but it's true out here.  The evenings were chilly, and the days gorgeous.  However, if you're hiking a mountain, or driving one, the temperature change can be brutal.  Always have some long sleeves on.

Beware of Animals!

You're pretty much in their world.  Some Colorado towns don't bother with animal crossing signs.  Estes Park just has a few signs placed throughout town that says "watch all roadways for wildlife."

What tips do you have?!

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