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Hurricane Pick up | Weekending

It's been a long weekend of cleaning up, getting things done, and having some fun.

We took a drive around town Friday to check on friends and check out the damage from Hurricane Matthew.

The ocean after the hurricane was quite angry.  We got lucky and didn't get hit as bad as it was forecasted [of course].

Saturday, I was finally starting to feel better so I got a couple projects started.  One was sanding down our lounge chair and prepare it for staining or sealing.  It was not hard work, but we went from hurricane conditions to oppressively hot in no time!

We've been thinking about painting the house for a while.  We figured while we had everything picked up with the hurricane, it'd be a good time to snap a couple pictures and test some paint colors.

I can't decide if I like the brownish color or not.   Or the cream, for that matter!

Saturday night, we ran over to Orlando.  Though our cousin's flight got canceled out of Raleigh, we still had tickets for Garth Brooks!  It worked out that a friend of mine from down here was able to come with us with 45 minutes notice!!

I have to say, it doesn't matter how many times I see him live, I LOVE it!  This is the second show in 8 months!  Even with not so great seats- you can tell by the grainy iPhone picture, I was at a distance!

We didn't get back to Vero until after 1am and I'm just TOO old to stay up that late!!  Tomorrow is back to work, and my friend and husband ganged up on me last night, so I'm now meeting her for a workout after work.  I may not be so excited for that!

I'll leave you with this picture.  Indian River was quite high after Hurricane Matthew; there is a turn off and a boat ramp somewhere under there!

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