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3 Quick Gourd Decorating Ideas this Halloween

3 Quick Pumpkin Decorating ideas you need to try this Halloween

Every year at work, we have a mini-pumpkin decorating contest.  Every year I'm tempted to try to carve the mini-pumpkins.  This weekend I got a little more creative thanks to Target's Dollar Spot and a video that I saw while aimlessly scrolling through Facebook.  That I can't since locate!

Using crayons and Gold Leaf to decorate pumpkins

Bat Pumpkin


Liquid Gold Leaf Wax (affiliate)
Bat-shaped Glitter tape (Target)


1. Smear gold leaf all around the pumpkin with a cotton swab.  Make sure to get in the crevices.  The DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Gold Rush dries super fast.  It can goop up in places, though.  

2.  (Optional) Spray a layer of acrylic coating over leafing.  It makes it not flake off so easily.

3.  Cut bat tape to length and wrap around pumpkin.

4. (Optional) Paint the stem black with some craft paint.

It's worth noting, this was not the original idea for this pumpkin!  The gold leaf was a little rough to work with- it will rub off easily!

Black and Neon Pumpkin


Neon Crayons
Chalkboard Spray Paint
Spray Adhesive
Blow Dryer


1.  Spray paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint.  It'll probably need two coats.

2.  While you're waiting for it to dry, shave pieces of neon crayon into a bowl.  I was really careful at first to not mix colors.  Then I just through it all together- it doesn't matter.  Shavings work better for the paint spatter effect.

3.  Spray the now dry pumpkin (it might have taken longer than it did to gather the crayon shavings) with adhesive.

4.  Roll the pumpkin around in the shavings so they stick to it. Wait for the spray adhesive to dry.

5.  Move the remaining shavings aside.  Melt the shavings using your blow dryer on LOW.

Repeat steps 3-5 until the pumpkin is covered and spattered to your liking.

6. (optional) Spray a coat of clear acrylic over it so the melted crayon doesn't flake off as easily.

White Gourd with Gold Leaf Transfer

Gold & White Pumpkin


White Gourd
Rub-on transfers (Target)


1.  Cut out the transfer you want to apply.

2. If it doesn't stick well, use scotch tape to tape it into place.

3.  Use the Popsicle stick that comes with the transfers, to rub onto pumpkin.  You'll have to rub HARD, and may need to reposition a little, due to applying to a ROUND object.

4.  (optional) Spray with Acrylic clear coat.

Seriously the easiest one, and it came out SO GOOD.

What do ya'll think?

The gold pumpkin was originally supposed to have black transfers on it, the black one was supposed to have the gold, and the white was supposed to be crayon.  Luckily I started with the gold one first and quickly realized that pressing the transfer onto a painted, round surface was just NOT going to work, so I had to change gears.

3 cheap and quick ways to decorate gourds

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