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Keeping up with a 4 Year Old

My Labor Day weekend has been quite relaxing.  I've got a whole log of posts ready to go, have taken pictures, and have just enjoyed the quiet.  So let's talk about last weekend, shall we?

Thanks to Allegiant Air, I was able to fly up to Maine and back for under $200 (and that's including the $30 I had to pay for my one carry on bag!)  The fun part of this, is that the only ones that knew were my brother, sister-in-law, and little 4 year old niecey.  No one let the cat out of the bag!

While I got to see all of my family, I got to spend most of my time with the little one.  It's apparently very challenging to get the kid in a picture.  Especially holding still!  As such, ya'll will have to settle for the beautiful scenery in between the list of activities we managed to accomplish!

Brick eroded by ocean Roque Bluffs, ME

I was about 30 minutes into my hour and a half drive when I got a phone call from my sister-in-law.  It was actually a munchkin who wanted to know when I was going to be at her house.  This chick doesn't linger on the phone.  When I told her I was on the way, she was over talking but didn't bother to hang up the phone!

Thursday was spent pushing little ones on the swing, playing princesses, having a little nap during Zootopia (with a child who was "not" fall asleep), and surprising the parents.  Oh!  And letting a 7 year old do my makeup.  She identified all of my brushes, uses for all of my contraptions, and preceded to tell me that my foundation was too light!  She wasn't wrong... it requires a lot of blending.

Friday, we took the kids to Calais, because part of Hailey's plans for us was for me "to take her Wal-mart and buy her a toy.  And a dress."  This is where I learned how much little plastic toys can cost, and also when toys are promised to a kid, nothing else can be accomplished until they have that toy.  And can play with it.  Friday night was lobsters, and a relatively early night; I was exhausted!

Roque Bluffs State Park, Maine

Saturday was breakfast with my dad, digging in my parents' garage attic for some treasure in the form of Beanie Babies (let's hope for enough for an early retirement, guys!  Or at least an Apple Watch!)  I got to take the little one to the "park at dad's old school" twice!  The second time was in an effort to tire her out, as I was going to babysit her that evening while her parents went out.  Seriously guys, both times we went, she ran nonstop for an hour.  Apparently the tire swing was her favorite, as long as I pushed her until was dizzy, and then stopped it as soon as she wanted to!

Sunday was a quiet day, with mostly tv watching, and dinner at my parents' house so I could see my grandfather.  Whose 84th birthday turned out to be Monday!  Sunday night, I about fell asleep doing Hailey's nails.  Pink and green, with stencils, with sparkles!

Monday, it was time to leave.  There is nothing more effective than a four-year-old telling you "don't go" as you buckle her into her car seat.  By Monday night, was en route back to my little house in Florida, telling my husband about all of my adventures on my own.

Raspberry bushes at East Machias River Park

Other things accomplished during the trip:
Pie 3/4 mornings I was in town-  one slice of raspberry and two slices of blueberry
Lobster straight off the boat
Lunch at my favorite Chinese food restaurant
A little drive around the area to take a few pictures

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