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Favorite Maine Posts

Surprise!  I managed to sneak up to Maine for a little long weekend to see my family!  The fun part is, while I've had the trip planned for months, only my brother, sister-in-law, and niece knew about it!  While she managed to keep it a secret, she's got my whole trip planned for me.  To include going to the "pancake store" and the "pizza store!"

So while I'm out exploring life with a four year old, I thought I'd share some of my Maine- centric posts.  

Downeast Maine Vacation Ideas

This was one of my favorite posts, because it wrapped up some of the popular tourist things to do in the area.  Honestly, the vacation where I pulled a lot (if not all) of the pictures from, was the first one that I actually explored my little town and surrounding spots in quite some time.

Augusta, Maine in the Winter

One time, almost two years ago now, Scott and I snuck up to Maine for maybe 36 hours to surprise my big brother at his swearing-in ceremony.  I'm getting better and keeping my plans quiet and surprising folks it seems.

Will Tuell, Representative for Maine District 139

But, before I got a chance to go up to see the swearing-in, I made a post completely about big brother.  In it, I shared one of his articles from the town newspaper about our grandmother.  While he's not writing for the paper anymore (that I know of), he still writes some fun posts almost daily on his Facebook Page.

Bangor Daily News 1987 Tuell Article

In October 2014, I stumbled on The Daily Tay and Helene in Between and their Blogtober link up.  It encouraged me to post to the blog daily, and I gained many of the followers that I have today because of it.  On day 9 I talked about my Downeast Halloween memories- and kind of changed it into a whole "Fall traditions" type post!  

Geocaching for Beginners

This post is fun, because I first started geocaching up in Maine.  Unfortunately geocaching in Florida is a little more scary.  Too many snakes, gators, and other creatures, and too humid!

Have you all vacationed in Maine?  How about making it into ... less populated parts of the state?  Be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram, as I've got lots of recent shots on there!

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