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11 Things I Do During a Facial

There are two things I do religiously every month to spoil myself.  Sadly, when we have kids, I'm told the luxuries of monthly massages and facials will have to stop.  Something about they need to eat and be clothed, or something.

But for right now, I'm enjoying spoiling myself.  I thought I'd share some random things that happen, I do, or I think about when I'm relaxing with a bunch o' mud on my face.

11 Things I Do During a Facial

1.  Lie.  As in, "yes, I take my makeup off every night." Usually followed up with "Yeah, I cleanse my skin twice a day every day, and moisturize as well."  I'm actually pretty good about all of those things, especially since I've started getting these facials and I've noticed a difference.  But come on 4 weeks straight twice a day?  Yeah, I'm lying.

2.  Fall asleep.  I really don't know how my aesthetician does it. I usually schedule my facial for Saturday morning, but not early.  I sleep in, have my coffee, and have plenty of time to throw on the ole yoga pants and tee.  I'm ready to take on the day.  But then I get there, and within 10 minutes I'm snoozing.  To the point that I couldn't really tell you if she does anything while I'm out.

3.  Harp on conversations or scenarios that could have gone better.  Not out loud, I'm not that nutty yet.  But I do have some anxious tendencies, and these times when I'm relaxing on my own, they seem to shine.  At least in my head.

4.  Try to open my eyes.  You know when they cover your eyes and put a little weight on top of them.  So they don't get potions in your eye or blind you with the special light?  Yeah, I try to fight those sometimes.  Probably not the smartest idea.  Also, I have very weak eyelids it seems.

5.  Lay like a mummy.  At least that's how it feels.  For the hour I'm there, I lay with my hands covering my tummy and don't really move them.  When it's time for me to leave, sometimes I can't feel my fingers or an arm.  You're getting old when you can't lay still for an hour without your arm going to sleep.

6.  Make lists.  Again in my head.  About anything and everything.  What am I doing today? If I'm getting a facial at 9am, I'm probably not doing much!  What do I have to do for work in two days?  Why am I thinking about work when I'm getting a facial?  Blog Posts? I need those.  What books do I want to read?

7.  Try to figure out how much time I have left.  Facials, and massages for that matter, never seem to last long enough.  Every so often I try to calculate how long I've been laying there.  Hands folded.  Eyes covered.  In and out of consciousness.  I always wind up with less time than I think.

8.  Try to figure out who A is.  What better time to think about mindless tv than when you're trying to relax?

9.  Wonder about the Kardashians.  Is this facial anything like one Kim gets?

10.  Apologize for my tummy grumbling.  Because no matter how much time I had to eat before the facial.  I did not.  But I did brush my teeth after my coffee, you're welcome!

11.  Buy the product.  My aesthetician is fantastic; since finding her I have been once a month to see her.  And more often than not, I wind up with new product.  Sometimes my cleansing and moisturizing needs change.  Sometimes she gives me a sample of something new she found, and it's amazing so then I have to buy it.  Sometimes, sometimes I actually use a product 'til it's gone and I legitimately need new.

No matter what I say, do, or think, facial time is by far my most favorite time of the month.  I immediately start looking forward to the next as soon as this one's over.  What do you do to pamper yourself?  Think about anything crazy when you're trying to relax?

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