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Weekending: House Mini-Tour

I figured today I would share some pictures of my kitchen / den/ breakfast nook area and show of some of my DIY items.

House Tour of Den with Samsung 78 inch TV
The couch in our den may be a little large for the area, it's where we spend most of our time.  There's room for friends, family, dogs, and more.  It was one of those times where comfort and functionality took precedence of style.  

The artwork on the wall is all DIY.  My mother-in-law made the runner, which is how I originally picked the colors for the breakfast nook bench.  I wanted to be able to carry the scheme over, since everything is essentially one big room.  The frame with slat background, I dreamed up and built.  It's fairly heavy so I had to use a special wall cleat to hang it.  Apparently I did  good, as it has yet to come crashing down.

Last, the console.  Prior to our move it remained unstained, with a top that wasn't attached to the base.

I decided to finally paint it and while I love the top- it's Rustoleum stain in "Kona"- I'm not set on the base color.

This little nook might just be my most favorite spot in the house.  I got the pedestal table from Crate & Barrel.  The intent was to remove the leaf and keep it circular, but it fit so well as is, that we just left it.  Again, my mother-in-law made the table runner, the bench cushions, and the pillows.  The paisley print is outdoor fabric meant for lounge chairs.  In order to make the bench cushions, we cut up a cheap egg crate mattress pad and layered sections together.

The speaker behind the bench was just stashed there (since it's not needed for the giant tv only feet away), but it comes in SUPER handy when I want to listen to a podcast while cleaning.

I love that everything that I've hung on the walls thus far has been a creation of sorts.  The cross-stitch on the left is of Maine, and has some state facts.  I found the frame at Michael's for half off.  The rope hanger that it came with just fit.  On the right is more Maine stuff.  The top is a cutting board that my brother got me for Christmas.  Clearly, it was too pretty to use, so I put a couple hooks on the back and after a coat of lemon oil, hung it on the wall.  Beneath it is a little print of steamed clams.  The frame that came with the print matches the frame from Michael's quite well.

The artwork above the bar is just a 1 x 12 board that I stained (Kona again, I think) and then put a coat of furniture wax over.  I tacked some 1972 swag from my grandfather's gas station on it.  The calendar is free hanging right now, and I keep toying with the idea with decoupaging it to the board.

You can also spot the blue "M" that was the cake topper for our wedding cake.  AND two baskets on top of the cabinets that my grandfather made.  One is about 15 years old and has survived every move I've had since the day I left for college at University of Maine.

Decorating with things that have special meaning to me is my favorite.  I would much rather take the time to create something out of some nick-knacks from home than to buy a piece from Ikea.  Though I'm not against that at times!

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