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First off:  I think I need to do something about my blogging schedule.  Because every day seems to work for a couple weeks, and then I go off the grid.  Maybe cut down the number of times I post in a week, so I can properly grow / share each post?  Something I'm toying with.

Second:  Happy THIRD Birthday to this little lady!

Now, weekend shenanigans!  Scott's family has been in town since Thursday and we've been playing!

There has been a lot of this:

We walked the bridge Friday morning bright and early, and caught this sunrise:

Saturday, I got to go to our good friends' baby shower- one of the biggest benefits of moving to Vero will be to see the little one grow!  And also, to be able to play with her and hand her back to her parents when she starts making noises!

Sunday morning, we took another little walk on the beach and managed to collect a few pieces of sea glass!

We also came across the biggest jellyfish I'd ever seen!

Happy Monday ya'll!

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