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Magic Kingdom Weekending and a Reading Fail

Ya'll.  We did it.  We succumbed to Disney.  In such a big, big way.  And I don't even care.  Be prepared for lots of Disney-esq posts.  To the point where I may have to remove the "Couponing" section (that thus far has one thing under it) and add a "Disney" section.

Let me back up...

Every year for 3 years.  Husband and I say that we're not going to do a Honeymoon (this started in 2013 when we got married) or Anniversary trip (the last 2 years.)  I'm good with that.  We take lots of little trips here and there anyway, and to be honest, it seems that EVERY year around our anniversary something has been going on to make it so we just want a quiet day at home.  The first year was the wedding prep, and the wedding itself, since we had it at our house in the panhandle.

But then every year, like a week before our wedding/anniversary, husband decides to be sweet and says we should go somewhere for a couple days.  This has resulted in a honeymoon in Savannah where we met Batman the Horse.  I'll have to tell that story one day.  A weekend in St. Augustine where I ate the most amazing Fish 'n Chips ever.  And this year, which was a choice between heading down to The Keys, or annual passes at Disney.  Guess what we chose.

We used them immediately on Saturday, with a day spent at the Magic Kingdom.  And we're planning to go back next weekend for our anniversary.  Hopefully we will have our bands by then, and we have already signed up for some FastPass activities.  That being said, keep an eye on Diana's blog because I'll be guest posting about the trip soon.

Now, since it's September 21 and Summer is pretty much over as far as the calendar goes.  It's time to wrap up the Summer Reading Challenge.

Since the last check in, I have hardly read at all.  Actually since the first check in- thanks to audiobooks!  I had 4 books left to read this month, and made it through 3.

Divergent by Veronica Roth (affiliate) A YA book.  I mentioned last time that I thought I was going to switch to this from The Heir by Kiera Cass.  I thought overall, it was a good book and that the movie stayed pretty true to it.  Emma Galvin does the reading on the Audible edition and I thought she did really well.  In fact, I switched up my list a little bit to include...

Insurgent by Veronica Roth (affiliate) A book with a one-word title.  I liked the first one so much, I downloaded Insurgent to listen to as well.  I figured it fit perfectly with the challenge, plus I had just watched the movie not too long before.  I didn't like it as much as Divergent, and I hear that Allegiant is really terrible in comparison.  First, I thought it was because of the ending for some characters that people didn't agree with, but then I read about how the writing itself is pretty poor, and that it jumps points of view unlike the others.  It's made me iffy on getting it.

Summer of Fire by Kitty Pilgrim (affiliate) A book with Summer in the title.  After I was able to calm down with moving and get into this book, I really enjoyed it.  There are a lot of characters to keep up with, though!  You can read my full review here.

Now for the only book on my list that I couldn't make it through!

Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling (affiliate) A book by a non-US author.  I tried, ya'll.  I got about 30 pages in, and I haven't given up.  A couple of things were working against me:  It's an actual book, so I needed light to read it.  I didn't have lamps in my bedroom until about 2 weeks ago.  So that made it so there was no night reading.  Since it's hardcover, I didn't want to read it out by the pool while a little lady plays, which is the time where I get most of my reading done lately.  Last, sometime over the past month, I have accumulated like 5 books to read and review.  And I haven't been able to get through them / get caught up!  I couldn't justify starting a new book that I own when I have all these others that were sent to me for review!!

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