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Happy First Friday of Fall!

A quick 5 things for ya'll!

One.  I just spent a day and a half trying to make my Macbook run faster!  As such, I have not come up with a post.  So I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here.

Two.  I AM guest posting over at Life in German today, to talk about a few tips, 5, actually, on surviving Disney as an adult!

Tips for Adults at Disney

Three.  We're potentially headed BACK to Disney this weekend, so be prepared for even more Disney posts in the future!

Four.  I really need to show you some pictures of our house, but we're being very slow at getting it decorated.  I am currently on a hunt for a small oval pedestal table for our breakfast nook.  I've been staring at the space so long, I'm thinking a round table may work, as well.

Five.  Scott signed us up for a gym membership yesterday, and I've been threatened that I HAVE to go there at least 3 times a week to make my part worth it.  After I scour the town for a table that I have no way of getting home even if I do find one to buy, I may hit up the elliptical.  As that's the only form of working out I currently "do."

Happy weekend!!

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