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The Ultimate Moving Checklist pt 1

When we were moving, I started making lists early into the process.  Unfortunately I'd lose those lists almost as quickly as I'd make them.  Even still, the lost lists helped me to remember what I needed to do, and the closer moving day got.  And the closer and closer that day came, the more targeted my lists became!  I thought I'd share with ya'll my lists of what utilities to turn off on your old home, and what to sign up for on the new.  Some of these are kind of "duh" things, but nonetheless we haven't had one single transaction yet, where they haven't screwed up the billing and needed a "reminder" call!

Electricity.  You can schedule your shut off date prior to actually moving out.  We scheduled ours for the Friday after we moved out, so it would be on for the walk through, etc.  The new owners would also have time to transfer it into their names without interruption.  Hopefully.  A follow up call was necessary to confirm the last amount due. We also called the power company down here to schedule it to be on / switched into our name the day we closed.

Garbage.  In North Florida, we didn't have garbage pick up out in the country.  However, the transfer station was just a couple miles down the road.  As soon as we got down here, we got in touch with Waste Management to get trash pick up started ASAP.  We also got the schedule, since trash, recycling, and lawn clippings are all on different days.  This time the follow up was because we had paid for the next three months in full, but then we got a bill for the current month in the mail!  After a long discussion, we were due a credit that will be applied to next month's bill.

Water.  Something else that we didn't have to pay for up there.  These are the things that we needed to be sure to address when we got down here.  This was as easy as a phone call and swinging into the utilities board with proof of ownership.

Cable / Satellite.  We had satellite up in the panhandle and have cable down here.  We've been on the phone multiple times with both.  We called the satellite company to shut it off on the last day of the billing cycle so we wouldn't have anything outstanding (plus our statement cut like 3 days before we moved, when we didn't have time to watch tv anyway.)  We're still ironing out some issues with the cable, so just be vigilant with these guys!

Security Service.  Another battle that we're dealing with!  Apparently 2+ years ago when we signed our security system contract, it was for 3 years.  Guess who hadn't lived in the house for 3 years when they moved?  We were told that we would get a "new contract" discount if/when we set it up down here.  Or if the new owners used the same service up there.  Research who to go with on this- you will get a discount on your homeowners insurance for having your home monitored, though.

Lawn Crew.   So far in both places, my lawn crew has been the boy.  We're trying to decide if he'll have enough time down here to maintain the yard, though (even though it's smaller than what we're coming from), since there's more landscaping to weave around and to clip.  The lawn crew that the prior owners had came out last week for a free trial, so we could see if we wanted to continue with them.  I say yes.  Scott says his lawnmower has a place for his beer and he'll be fine.

Pool Service.  I've officially been in the pool more in the past few days than I ever have in my life.  The pups as well!  Scott grew up with the pool so knows about the maintenance.  Right now it's still like the lawn.  We're kind of feeling things out to see if he has enough time to do it himself.  Because I'm of no use of course!

Telephone / Internet.  Down here we get cell phone service at our house, and our internet is part of the cable.  However, in the the panhandle we needed both of these (not provided by the satellite company).  We had a little battle with them, as well due to billing issues.  They had put in their system to turn off the service on a certain date, but failed to do so.  Thankfully it was in their notes and it was relatively easy to get it back dated to the correct date.

What else would you all add to the list?!

I've created my first printable list that you can download it here!  I left some spots so it can be customized, and you're able to check off from the list, just when you called to switch/cancel services and if you've followed up!  Simply print of two copies, so you have one for your old home and for your new!

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