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The Story of Our [New] House

It might be time to share a little more of our house hunting / moving story.  I'm pretty sure I went through the majority of ever-changing plans on the blog…

When we first found out that we were going to be moving and it could be anywhere within Scott's territory, we thought a coastal town.  We spent a weekend in April (seems so long ago) looking around Vero Beach, Melbourne, Rockledge, and Cocoa.  Found nothing despite the pretty pictures online.  However, this was before we even had any interest from buyers in our current home.

We discussed, rehashed, and plotted another plan.  A townhouse in the Winter Garden / Windermere area near Orlando.  Buy it cheap-ish.  Live in it a couple of years, then rent it out.  We had figured up that we could afford a small mortgage on a townhouse as well as the mortgage on our house in North Florida if we had to.  We walked through probably 15 townhouses.  One I really liked, another Scott really liked.  Neither of them were "cheap-ish" and we decided that for the amount of money that we'd be spending on a townhouse, we could get a house house.

Then Scott started poking around the downtown Orlando area a little more and came across College Park.  We visited a couple times and loved the feel.  Since it was also so close to downtown, we figured, ample opportunity for me to find work.  We looked at more houses online- a lot of them are older houses that have been renovated or altogether flipped.  We upped our budget a little bit, since we now had the Plantation under contract.  Ya'll we were looking at 1500 square foot houses for about $100,000 more than what we paid for a place twice the size and acreage.  That was a hard pill to swallow, and ultimately while looking at these houses, they just didn't feel right.

Disgruntled and disappointed, the day after the house search in Orlando was a bust, we were driving around Vero Beach.  We had run past Scott's old home outside of city limits, ran by Starbucks, and did a little retail therapy at the Outlets.  We were just having a good morning trying to perk our spirits up a little.  He had an app pulled up as we were out exploring, trying to see what was for sale where, and what the price was.  Some how we managed to stumble across the Black Bear Reserve.  We took it as a sign since… we have little black bears?

via Zillow listing

In all, the neighborhood is about 14 houses, all on good size plots of land.  We set up a time to walk through the only house for sale the next day.  I refused to get excited about it until I actually saw the place.  But then we saw it, and before we had even made it through the house, I was excited.  The last step before making an official offer was to make sure there wouldn't be any issues with the HOA on our little bears, as the MLS showed that there were a max of two.  Ya'll.  We received the covenants for the HOA- it was PAGES as in maybe 10.  As opposed to the 90+ that some neighborhoods in Winter Garden had.  And no, limit on the amount of pets- though I cannot achieve my dream of having chickens at this point in time.

I cannot tell you guys how happy I am to get this process settled- it has made it very hard to enjoy the summertime.  Though I guess with the move to Vero, it will almost be a perpetual summertime.  I can't wait to show you some snapshots of the house, and I already have a hefty list of projects in mind!

via Zillow listing

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