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Late Day Weekending

Happy Monday!  Today has been a busy day for me.  I was a bit neurotic this morning when I woke up, so I scrubbed the grout in our kitchen.  All I can say is... yuck!  But the grout cleaner that I wrote about in this post is still by far my favorite.

Anyway, this weekend was mostly spent in bed-  I came down with a little cold.  However, since I didn't want to get the boy sick, I stayed in the guest bedroom.  However, I wasn't alone.  I had two boys that were more than willing to snuggle and play nurse to me all day long.

Sunday afternoon I finally felt on the upside of things, so I took some pictures of Scott and the nubs swimming.  We've got the little girl swimming quite well, and she's learned the meaning of the word "stairs."  However, big brother has yet to pick it up 100%, but that's more because he hasn't had the pool time that sister has had.

Rottweilers in the pool

That's about all the progress I have to report on for this weekend!

Everyone be sure to check back Wednesday (actually, every day!)  as I'm giving away a copy of The Book of Joan by Melissa Rivers!!

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