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Happy Weekending! Back in the Saddle

Sooo I've been gone for quite sometime!  Almost a month!  Which has been crazy.  In that time, we went from… trying to move / sell our house / buy a house, to closing on both houses a day apart, packing up EVERYTHING and moving it.  And then, unloading and unpacking it all again.

Fragile glasses stuffed and bubble wrapped, covered with saran wrap

In between, I worked on a new layout for the blog, decided on a new name, bought the domain, and… here we are!  Jump on over to the new About Me page to learn more about Rt 1 US 1!  Also, I highly recommend OXMissE for tutorials on how to tweak your blog layout!  She has everything and in plain English, so it's super easy to understand.

Nest Thermostat and App

This weekend, we did a lot of shopping for the new house- including getting a Nest thermostat that we can both control with our iPhones.  So far- LOVE.  I wind up getting really warm in the night, so it's kind of nice to be able to roll over to my phone, pop open the app, and turn the temperature up.  I must say, it's also quite nice to be able to run to the grocery store and back in less than 30 minutes (including shopping!)  I forgot was civilization was like after two years on the plantation!

Sunday, we did more work around the house, waiting on the last bit of the furniture to be delivered.  I love it.  However, the delivery and setup "experts" about dropped the dresser, and now two of the legs will not screw into it.  Like, if you lift the dresser.  Leg falls off.  SO the company's "customer care" team will be notified to day and hopefully it can be fixed- or sent back!

After that, and running over to Scott's aunt's house to pick up some of our stashed treasures, we had a little pool time.  This included teaching Miss Rylee how to swim, and teaching her where the stairs are for easy in/out.

Pool with shrub and rottweiler

We still have a long way to go, but I cannot wait to show ya'll the house soon!!

Here's a little taste of the loaded 26 foot Penske truck that Scott drove from Tallahassee to Vero, TOWING my car!  I drove his vehicle down with the pups- we unloaded it and then turned around and drove 4 1/2 hours back to the Panhandle to load up the remaining things.  Then drove back down!

26 ft Penske box truck loaded up for moving

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