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Almost September Weekending


Since it rained pretty much all weekend and I took all of three pictures, I thought I'd start off this week with a little get-to-know me survey.  It's like 2004 over here!  Myspace anyone?  There's a lot of new faces and followers around here and I thank you.  And I thank Diana for tagging me in this!!

Hurricane Erika, August 30 South Florida
Erika certainly cause some rain.

1. Why did you start a blog?
I could do an entire post on this!  I originally started this blog when we bought our first house up in the Florida panhandle.  I was thinking I'd have enough time, motivation, etc to have a DIY blog.  But then we started doing fun things on weekends away from the house.  I started reading good books.  I started reading not-so-good books.  And our families are so far away.  I eventually decided an over-all lifestyle blog would be the way to go.

2. Biggest challenge you've faced while blogging?
Coming up with new, fresh content on a daily basis.  Learning to plan my posts better, and being more active on social media.  Some days my head is swirling with so many ideas, and I forget to write them down.  Other days, I can't think of a thing to write!  And this whole social media thing is newish for me.  I've been a longtime user of Facebook, but mostly to peruse my newsfeed (which is 90% NEWS!)  I also have issues with posting things all over my private Facebook/Instagram/what have you about my blog.  I mean, I enjoy writing random things about my life.  But I feel like there's a super fine line between writing about it on the blog and sharing it, to airing all kinds of nonsense out on Facebook that people may not want to see!

3. What was your biggest travel blooper?
Oh Lord, it's really hard to think.  Probably the biggest one (which really wasn't that big of a deal) was forgetting my phone in Mexico.  Thankfully, one of my husband's coworkers was able to have the hotel let him into our room and grab it for me, to mail back when he got back to Florida.  The funniest part was when he called saying, "dude, I speak Spanish, and I could barely understand them; you're damn lucky!"

4. What are your carry on travel necessities? 
My phone and charger, preloaded with podcasts, music, and audio books that I can listen to during the flight.  The Kindle, and my purse of course.  A change of clothes.  Basically, I'm a small child, and whatever can keep me entertained on a flight / waiting in the airport gets stuffed into my carry on!

Sleeping rotweiller
So a lot of snoozing took place- especially for the old man

5. What is your all time favorite TV show?
No doubt about it- Friends!  I even go through my favorite episodes here.

6. Date Night, your cooking up a 3-course meal, what are you preparing?
Bahaha if it's date night, we're going out to eat!  If I'm cooking, especially a 3-course meal, it would be as follows.
First Course: Margaritas (put the ice in first and add tequila 'til it floats- this apparently works for any drink!)
Second Course: microwave mushroom rice and chicken empanadas.  The empanadas are from scratch, and I totally need to do a post about this when I make them again.  Though it's just from using a recipe I had found on Facebook of all places!
Third Course: Margaritas.  Or, if the boy is lucky, I had a hankering for some brownie batter that day, and he gets (cooked) brownies from whatever's left.

7. If you had to give up your current passport and get another country's passport, which country would you pick?
Probably England, though I don't really know why.  Except for I've always thought it'd be neat to live in England, and my borderline weird fascination with the Royal family!

Console table built using plans from
We did clean up the garage a little bit so I could fix the console table and get it ready to be painted!

8. How did you find my blog? And what is your favorite thing about it?I think it was way back during Helene and Tay's Blogtober link up that we found each other!  I love Diana's different travel posts and her meal plans!

9. What is your favorite joke?
I don't know!  All of the jokes that come to mind are terribly inappropriate to put out there on this family-friendly(ish) blog!  What does that say about me?!

Now, I'm supposed to tag people, but I always wind up with the same people!  So I open this up to anyone- just answer the questions above.  If you leave me a funny joke in the comments, you get bonus points! 

Remember, guys I've got this giveaway running on here, until 9/2/15 at MIDNIGHT! Get your entries in for a chance to win Melissa Rivers' The Book of Joan!  I'll announce the winner on Wednesday when I review Kitty Pilgrim's Summer of Fire.

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