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The Berenstain Bears' God Bless Our Country by Mike Berenstain | Children's Book Review

I had been planning for two months to share a review of Mike Berenstain's Berenstain Bears book, God Bless Our Country for the week of Independence Day.  I had also had a number of Patriotic posts written in my planner for the week.  Especially, since Jake's birthday falls on the same week.  But then life happened.  Now that I've made excuses, here we go.

The Berenstain Bears God Bless our Country

Things are gearing up for the Fourth of July celebration in Bear Country.  All bears are on deck- Brother, Sister, and Honey bear are decorating their bikes for a parade.  Mama is sewing decorations for the route - along with letting out Papa's old Army uniform - he is marching with other Veterans in the parade.

The young bears ask about the importance of the Fourth of July and how it is our nation's "birthday."  Mama and Papa tell them about the Revolutionary War - with a bearlike spin - and Mama takes the opportunity to quote the Bible, saying "He brought us to this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey."  Later on, the entire Berenstain family takes part in the Bear Country celebrations they had been preparing for, in the end giving thanks to God for a land that is free.

I'm honestly not sure if I will ever have anything negative to say about the Berenstain Bears books.  I just loved them when I was a kid, and love them now to college for my niece / future offspring.  In reference to God Bless Our Country in particular, I think it is a great and important tool to use to teach younger generations about our country.  As this book is for kids ages 4-8, they may not have learned much about our country's origins yet.

As with The Biggest Brag, God Bless Our Country is a part of the Living Lights Books so there is a little bit of a faith undertone in the story.  As someone who grew up not attending church / Sunday School on a regular basis, it is always fascinating to me how Berenstain can weave passages of the Bible into a story.  Not only does he use the passages to support his plot, but he uses his plot to
support the passages.

A couple other bonuses with this little book.  There are 16 stickers included, each with a different scene from the story.  Stickers = fun for kids!  Last, there are "Activities and Questions from Brother and Sister Bear." The first three are some questions for kids to think about after reading, however the last couple are little more... active?  They are activities that kids can participate in, and great ideas for a small-town Fourth of July parade.

My Rating

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  1. I loved the Berenstain Bears growing up!!!! They were some of my favorite books! I love the message that this one sends about having pride for our country. I think that it is important in this day and age to remind the kids about what is really important in life, and where we have come from. With so much negativity constantly being fed by media and on social networking sites...books like this are a must!!!

  2. Agreed! I haven't even been able to turn the news on in a long time without being disgusted about something...

  3. I used to LOVE the Berenstain Bears when I was growing up.. the books, the videos, loved it all :-D

  4. I had buuuunches of the books as well. I'm happy that their son is continuing on with the stories!


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