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Another Long Weekending

It seems I'm always late.  Or always having a long weekend here lately.  I took Monday off and ran down to Vero with Scott on Sunday!  Then, the weekend after next, we're headed to the Breakers in Palm Beach for a conference (for him).  I have a few receptions to attend, but otherwise my butt will be planted on the beach, with margarita in hand!

Lots are going on with the home "stuff," too!  I can't wait to share!!


  1. Someone has sure been busy on her weekends!!

  2. Yes! Unfortunately they make for busy weeks sometimes!!

  3. It's been insane! I wound up being off of work half the day yesterday, and all day today. and potentially have to go in late on Friday! I can't wait to get moved (and to share the goings on on that front!) and maybe be able to enjoy some of the summertime!

  4. Jordyn Brown12:12:00 AM

    That picture totally gets to me, those big chocolate eyes are precious!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  5. They are! I'm getting a little enjoyment out of them, but they're also super stressful! I can't wait to be done moving! :)

  6. She's quite the little model, for sure! We always say, we know exactly what she's thinking because we can see it on her face. I've never seen a more expressive dog!


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