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5 Favorite Gift Ideas this Friday

5 Long Distance Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls

Guys, I need help.  What the hell do I get a 3 year old girl for her birthday?!  My little niece is turning 3 a day before I turn 29 (coincidentally, I turn 29 a day before MY aunt's birthday!)  Since I'm doing well if I make it home once a year, it has resulted in me a) not knowing my niece well, b) wanting to spoil her a little and c) an unprecedented urge to drive my brother bonkers with some sort of off the wall present.

Her first birthday was a Build-A-Bear with a voice box in it that played a (fairly) annoying song.  Which once she figured out what it did, she would press it and dance over and over and over.  Last year, since we were in Maine at the beginning of July, we had a little battery operation four-wheeler delivered.  It was especially fun since we got to see her ride it, despite Scott's best efforts to "soup it up."  I was pleased even more, when days after we left, my brother sent me a picture of little tire tracks all over his lawn.

So you see, I have a fairly big tradition to continue.  Here are some ideas for small children when you live so far away.

Disney Princess Gift Card
1.  Disney Gift Card- I honestly think this is my most brilliant idea ever.  She thoroughly enjoys Disney at the moment, and I am forever trying to get big brother to bring her down for a visit.  Especially now that we'll be so close to the theme parks.  Even if we are not living in Orlando specifically.  A little research has shown me that a Disney gift card is reloadable and able to be used for anything Disney-sanctioned.  By this I mean, it can be used for theme park tickets (still expensive as hell even if you're a small child), resort packages, Disney crap in the Disney stores in the parks, and if all else fails, online and in person at Disney Stores.  I feel it is something that could be useful and fun for her, as I can continue to add funds to it until they come visit.  How great (for me!) would it be for her to run around Disney, able to get whatever (within reason) crap she wants?  Also, there are no inactivity fees or anything like that associated with it.  It just needs to be used sometime.

2.  Woodzeez-  I took a picture of these things the other day in Target while I was exploring back up ideas that provide a little more instant gratification than a gift card.  I promptly texted Brother and asked "WTF are these things?!"  Apparently he had to check with his niece who is a few years older, to be informed "they're owls."  He said there is no show or anything to go along with them, so I'm pretty sure that means that my niece is not interested.

Baby two peice bathing suit for toddler
How freaking cute is this thing?! {via}
3. Clothes- Brother has dropped hints as far as her size, and telling me she's got enough toys.  Generally I listen and can understand / appreciate not wanting to deal with even more toys.  I know she's growing like a weed and could always use clothes.  But fun is that?  I remember getting clothes as a child, and pretty well refuse to be that aunt.

Sofia the First Duplo Lego set
4.  Legos!  Totally breaks the no toys thing, but come on, it's Sofia the First! (affiliate).  The only thing that is holding me back is that in a couple years, she'll get to enjoy REAL Legos!  Plus it'll fit the irritating-to-my-brother rule when he steps on one in the middle of the night.

Candy Land Disney Princess edition
5.  Board Games- Because playing games with her Dad will probably be a better experience than playing games with my brother.   I wonder how many times an adult can play Candy Land (affiliate) before they want to hurt themselves or "lose" the game.  We may find out.

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  1. Ahhhh that little outfit is the cutest thing ever!!! We like getting Legos for our nephews. They are obsessed. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Jordyn Brown5:16:00 PM

    I would've never thought of a Disney card, but that is such a great idea! I have a niece and nephew who are 5 & 4, I'm a firm believer in giving them experiences instead of stuff (because they already have so much of that!) My husband and I take them on day trips and to do things & I think they enjoy the time and memories (since they're old enough to remember now) more than the toys they'll put to the side in a few weeks. I think a Disney card would be perfect :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  3. Books are always a great option too! From someone who has a small house and whose kid has a lot of gift-buying grandparents...

  4. I can't wait till she gets a little older to get the Legos. But I may also need to throw in the caveat that I need to be there to help her build whatever!

  5. Yea I get that she has a lotttt of STUFF and don't really want to contribute. But I also think she needs something more than a gift card to open for her birthday!

  6. I thought about books, but apparently my mom gets her bunches all the time and I have NO idea what she has and doesn't have!


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