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Summertime Weekending

Between last Summer and this Summer… Holy crap!!  Last year, we were at the beach about every weekend.  So far this year, we haven't ventured over to the panhandle at all.  Which is sad, because I love the beaches over there and soon we won't have such easy access with them.

Saturday, we ran down to Orlando, which made the weekend extra short for Scott.  Since he drove home Friday night, and then we went right back down there Saturday and all.  We looked around the College Park area of town and loved it.  Still not any closer to a house though!  It is going to take us (me) a minute to get used to the heat and humidity down there.  So sticky all day long.

I've been loving this face scrub from Oz Naturals the past couple of weeks.  I pretty much walked straight into the house Saturday night and wiped off my make up, which felt especially disgusting due to the aforementioned stickiness of Central Florida.  After about 10 minutes of the dermafoliant and letting it sit, my face felt SO much better.

This little bottle is just the powder, and then you add bit of water to it to make the scrub.  It's easy to make it as abrasive or as soft as you like.  Personally I always wind up adding more powder to mine to make it a little tougher-feeling.  I haven't had any problem with it drying out my skin or irritating it.  My face is a little red for a few minutes after.  Which would make sense since, ya know.  I'm basically [mildly] sandpapering it!

Sunday was a quiet day; we each talked to our dads and spent the majority of the day at the house.  Little lady decided that since it was Father's Day, she was going to plop herself on the couch with Scott, so we had (another) Fixer Upper marathon.  Mixed with a little Flip or Flop.

Now it's back at it!  End of year for the University is quickly approaching so things are rather hectic!  Which at least make the days go faster!!

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  1. Jordyn Brown10:03:00 AM

    Oooh, I love exfoliating products! I'm going to have to try this one out :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  2. Good luck with the house search!

  3. Ohh have you used any other OZ Natural stuff? They have decent prices on Amazon but my face is so bad right now, I cant use an will just make it more angry haha. I am getting desperate! You need to visit the panhandle before you move! I will be down that way next week. I cannot wait!

  4. I usually do masks and things that aren't as abrasive as scrubs. I have to say I definitely like the scrub though!

  5. I've used their sun block and vitamin c serum. My face is quite terrible right now as well, which may be a sign that I need to not use it? It was breaking out before so oh well! It just feels so much better after. I am actually looking at running over as far as Destin one day next week! I haven't made any plan as to when, though!

  6. A few people have told me not to exfoliate over break out spots because it could make it worse and delay healing. I have breakouts all over right basically no where on face face is safe. We will be staying in Gulf Shores, AL but we sometimes head in to Pensacola and other areas when we are down there. Sometimes we dont leave the condo area the entire time we are down there....lazy sinks in on the beach!

  7. I know the feeling! When we were going over all the time last summer, we'd just sit on the beach and then drive back! And the thing is, we'd be EXHAUSTED after a day out there!


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