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Mid-June Weekending

This weekend whipped by so fast, I can't believe it's Monday again.  Why do they seem to go by so damn fast!?!

Saturday was a house day.  We were super productive.  Watched all our TV shows from the week, which wasn't many.  Played some Call of Duty, and also made it through the better part of 15 "Fixer Upper"shows that we had DVRed!

Columbia sweatshirt on clearance, marinated mozzarella balls from Trader Joes and Red Lobster biscuitsSunday, we managed to spend a lot of money in not a lot of time by going to Sam's Club and Academy.  Not sure we needed these giant size items- but you know.  They were such a good deal.  I found a terribly comfortable Columbia sweatshirt on clearance, and I'm kind of excited to see if my office is freezing again this week so I can wear it.  I also impulse-bought a beach cover up, even though with the impending move, we have yet to be to the beach.

Someone also decided to run in to Trader Joe's real quick.  While he was searching for the proper kale, I had grabbed mozzarella balls marinated in garlic and oil, a mozz braid in oil and pepper (that I then cut up and mixed with the other) and some cookie butter.  Those cheese balls are my downfall and I'm pretty sure the reason that none of my shorts are fitting properly this summer.

Somewhere during our shopping trip, I was reminded that I had purchased some Red Lobster cheddar biscuit mix.  So I grabbed some molasses and decided I was going to make some while Scott was making his kale chips.

Biscuits tasted amazing- just like Red Lobster (which is my favorite part of Red Lobster, anyway), and the kale chips were not.  This was further proven when I looked into the kitchen and caught a boy red-handed munching on the biggest biscuit.  Complete with deer-in-headlights look!

Today it's back at it, BUT I'm now officially down to ONE student loan (albeit the biggest).  It feels good to be getting the debt off my back! 

Linking with Biana today!


  1. Biana Perez9:33:00 AM

    Sounds like a great weekend - I have to say a marathon watching Fixer Upper sounds ideal - love that show! Can you share the biscuit recipe - I always crave them! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. It's totally from a box! We found the mix at Publix, Walmart, and in bulk at Sam's Club- it's called Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix. The only thing different I did from the directions was use mozzarella instead of cheddar.

  3. LilDesiqua10:26:00 AM

    Congrats on being down to only one student loan! That's awesome! I'm still struggling to pay mine back- such a bummer!

  4. I love a good tv marathon binge on a weekend!!! It doesn't take long to rack up the tab at those stores, does it? I love making Cheddar Bay Biscuits...mmmmm!!! I usually do it using bisquick, butter, cheese, old bay seasoning and garlic powder. Easy peasy. Hoe you have a great week!

  5. They suck! But I can't complain too much, I knew what I was getting into when I got them! I'm just happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

  6. Yeah as soon as I opened the package, I was like, crap, I could have done this with some bisquick! But they came out super good, so that's all that matters!

  7. I LOVE Fixer Upper!!

  8. I hadn't watched many, if any, in quite some time. But I just love how Chip and Joanna interact with each other!

  9. Jordyn Brown7:15:00 PM

    I love that show Fixer Upper, Jo is my fave! Also, those biscuits are going to be the death of me...seriously, I'm supposed to be on a diet but when we go out and that's where the husband decides to's bad!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  10. Heheh they're quite tasty, but I think I can count on one hand how many times we (I) have been to Red Lobster in my life. The biscuits were always the best part, so I'm glad I can make them at home every now and then.


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