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Happy Birthday | Throwback Thursday

Today is one of my best friend's birthdays.  Contrary to the conversation we had last week, she is now, in fact 28.  Not turning 27 like she'd apparently [honestly] been telling people for months.  We're still trying to figure out where that year went.  Also, thanks for making me question my math skills!

In celebration, in addition to it falling on a Thursday, here's some throwbacks from the past 10 years or so Abigail has been in my life!  Also, I'd say this fits loosely with Helene's "You Probably Don't Know..." link up, since I don't often (if ever) share photos of my college days.  The majority of these were taken past midnight, which is approximately 3 hours past my current bedtime.  Amazing how 10 years changes your life!  These are straight from the ol' FB, but mostly of me since I don't really want to plaster my friends' pictures all over! 

I call this college-time shenanigans.

And mostly after college.  Except for the bottom left which is from the last Halloween I was in school.  Yes I'm dressed as a "Harry Potter."  Also, I need to do a post of me with this kid through the past 15 years.  He told me he knew Scott was a "good guy" because he (Scott) didn't ...scare? when meeting him!

Finally, my friend Tyler and I at Abigails wedding.

Dear LORD these don't feel like they were from almost ten years ago. But at the same time, it feels like forever.

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  1. Jordyn Brown8:10:00 AM

    Isn't it just crazy how fast time passes! It feels like just yesterday I was graduating high school & now I'm getting ready to finish up my last year of college...which is technically my fifth year. I love these posts though, so fun to see you back then!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  2. What really made me feel old is when kids that I babysat were graduating college. Like. no.

  3. It's crazy how fast time goes, right?? My husband lost a year of his life too...thinking he was a year younger than he really was. Then you feel cheated, you know?! Happy birthday to your friend!

  4. She was absolutely stunned. it's crazy! What's that T. Swift song? I'm feelin' 22? yes...

  5. it's so weird to look back. it doesn't feel that long ago until you really think about it!

  6. I know right? I definitely have mixed feelings about this whole aging process!!

  7. it's funny how things that were just yesterday were actually longer-than-that ago

  8. Yes, it boggles my mind! It just doesn't feel possible.


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