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Feeling Normal | Weekending

After an impromptu break last week - since I didn't have any posts scheduled (not uncommon) - I decided it'd be more stress than necessary to write posts as the week went on and took the week to recoup.  Things have slowed down a bit at work, and I'm feeling MUCH more at peace!

I kicked off the weekend Friday evening, hanging out with these guys.

2 Rotties and a Mutt!

Saturday was a work day for me.  I took time last week to plan out posts for the next 2-3 weeks.  Now to just write them.  As part of that, and part because I needed to get it done, I started researching and taking pictures to sell some things on eBay.  Check back tomorrow for more on that!

Items for eBay

Sunday, I continued plugging along, and we also headed into Tallahassee for a matinée and some grocery shopping!


I had to check on my garden when we got back.  What's  that you say?  I never mentioned anything about planting a garden this year!  That's because knowing early on that there was a chance we could be moving, I didn't plant one.  However, last year I would throw any seeds from the veggies back out into the soil.  Lo and behold I have a cucumber that popped up this spring!  Since it's the only thing in the planter bed, it's flourishing and I have at least two little cukes growing away currently.  I haven't done ANYTHING to enhance the soil- no manure, no Miracle Gro, and no hoeing!  I have kept the weeds at bay since I saw the little guy spring up.  But since there's a barrier beneath the soil, that has been kept to a minimum!

Cucumber Patch

I'm so very excited to get back at it!

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  1. Biana Perez9:19:00 AM

    I love the feeling of selling things on ebay! I did that myself this weekend and I'm already excited to see stuff get out of the house! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. My next house will have a space for a garden, for sure.

  3. I'm surprised how easy it was, and the amount of traffic that I got almost right away!

  4. heheh mine probably won't- but I will have at least herbs!

  5. Ahhhhh look at those little cucumbers!!! I really wish I would have gotten my crap together to plan a garden this year. We have space and everything. Next year!

  6. I loooved Pitch Perfect 2!

  7. Gah last year, I got a head start on everything and I started my crops inside. Transplanted them when it got warm enough. Then it poured for days - weeks. They drowned and I had to start over :( THEN rabbits and/or gophers decided to eat all of my bean plants. And by all, I mean. Down to stubs. Finally, something kept picking unripe peppers off the plant - seriously JUST the peppers. I just gave up.

  8. It was really good, especially for a sequel! I'm not sure if it was QUITE as good as the first one though!

  9. Oh man!!! Stupid rabbits! Don't they know that those veggies are for humans? (Bad cereal joke...haha!)

  10. Jordyn Brown12:51:00 AM

    Don't you just love those little volunteer plants? My husband and I have a huge pumpkin plant growing in our side yard from fall live pumpkin decor that we never got up! And my mom has recently sprouted a tomato plant in her back yard from tossing rotten tomatoes out!

    xoox, SS

    Southern Stylista

  11. I was so excited, but we included the cuke in our salad, and it was SO bitter tasting! I'm hoping I just left it on the vine too long, but it made me not have high hopes for the others!


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