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Favorite Blogs

I try super hard to comment on blogs as I read them, and to return visit to others' blogs when they comment on mine.  Lately I've failed at that a little more than I like.  However, there are other blogs that I LOVE reading on a regular basis- as in I actually put their URL into my browser.  I rarely (if ever) leave comments for them, though!  And to be honest, I'm not sure why!

Milk Bubble Tea-  A general lifestyle blog that I have no idea how I found.  I think it was a featured one or something on Bloglovin'.  But I have been following it for quite some time.  Especially lately with my new-found (or re-found) fascination with England.  Becky is 24 and lives "north of London."  She has a little wiener dog, and an amazing kitchen.  Apparently these "conservatories" are a thing in the UK!  I also love every single one of her pictures, and she takes most of them on her phone, I think!

Decor and the Dog-  Apparently I'm drawn to blogs that include dogs.  Not really- I found this one a couple years ago, when I thought I had enough time, energy, and know how to do a purely DIY blog.  Michelle and her husband live in Iowa and built their house a few years ago.  They have a dog, Ike, who is, she proclaims, the star of the show.  I love their living room built-ins that they built themselves, and their DIY card catalog.

Live, Love, DIY- I've also kept up with Virginia's blog for many months.  You know all those "10 ways to use spray paint" and things that you see on Pinterest?  There's a good chance a few of them have come from her.  She's from Knoxville, which makes me feel a little closer to Tennessee every time I read.  Aside from all of her DIY projects that have come out amazing, one of my favorite posts is her tips for bloggers.  I found it quite interesting since her niche is different from mine, in that she focuses on DIY. And I get sidetracked by DIY.  It's amazing to me, that at the time she wrote that article, she had only written about 200 posts in 3 years of blogging!  I'm inching closer to that mark, after only a few months  (not counting last month!!) of serious blogging!


  1. Sound like great reads! Love those vertical gardens!

  2. Me too! It's a good idea when you don't have a lot of space

  3. You're welcome! After I posted this, I was like, "crap, I could have added this one and that one." But oh well! :P

  4. Jordyn Brown1:56:00 AM

    I love finding new blogs (especially ones with dogs...I don't know how that happens either!) so I can't wait to read up on these new ones :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  5. I love the DIYs in these, and since I have a little fascination right now with England, Becky's is also glorious!


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