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Sell, Keep, Throw, Donate | Part I

We are slowly but surely making our way through all of our treasures, getting ready for at least one of us to be moved in less than a month.  Since we'll be moving in to a smaller place, we're trying really hard to evaluate what we need.  It's a hard job, but it feels rather good to get some things that we've been hanging on to (for no real reason) out of the house.  Somethings have been dropped off at Goodwill, some have been thrown out.  We've got another pile to take pictures of and sell.  I figured I'd share some tips with ya'll that I've picked up along the way, and split up between a couple posts.

Clothes!  For real, I wear the crap out of some clothes; some I have had since college... and not worn since college.  I started way back in January, cleaning out my closet.  The first round of the donation pile was all the things I no longer wore.  It didn't matter if they fit or not.  It didn't matter if I thought I might wear it sometime in the future.  If it was in the back of the closet or at the bottom of the drawer it went.  If I couldn't get past the "I may wear it eventually" thought, I tried it on.  If it didn't fit the way I liked, away it went.  No saving it for a time that it might fit again.  If I got off my butt and worked out.  Two bags full later and we were off to Goodwill.  Truth be told, we (I) could probably stand another round of clean out.

Other things that went to Goodwill: Lots of electronics and cables.  Does anyone else have a husband that hoards these?  I pointed out that there are wires for things that we don't even own anymore.  And that we may be better off buying new cables as we need.  Old dishes and silverware that we've had since college, books that I have no attachment to, and lots of notebooks.

Light fixtures- Have ya'll heard of Restore?  It's run by Habitat for Humanity, and it's for ...other random stuff.  Drawer pulls, scrap wood, paint, doors, etc.  We've checked out the Tallahassee one a couple of times and couldn't believe some of the things we found.  The old ceiling fan that was in our bedroom, and the chandelier from the breakfast nook area are going there.  Since the fan doesn't work, I called ahead to be sure they could use it.  Some of my paints and stains may also be going there the closer we get to packing / organizing the garage.

Boxes-  Husband also has a habit of saving all of the boxes to all of the things.  That's great when it's iPhone boxes and other stuff that we may sell in the future.  That's coming next post!  But, there's a fine line-  if I decide to sell my 6 year old lap top, I'm not too concerned about the box that it came in.  Nor do I see the point in moving it again.  Bunches of boxes to things we have every intention of keeping / have had for a year or more has gone to be recycled.

Clothes-  You know, those pieces that aren't even fit to be donated.  Some t-shirts have been torn up for cleaning rags.  Some things have just been thrown out.  

Broken Electronics-  And also, old / broken down furniture.  I'm counting down the days til we get rid of our couch and love seat.  I'm not sure what the bears will do when we get new ones and they realize they're not allowed to play on them.  But, these things won't make it through another move.  You may be able to sell some broken electronics at super discount prices.  To me, it's not worth my time- especially when it would probably turn out that I just pile it away for "later."

Other things that were recycled/thrown: Glass.  Jars of every shape and size that I had cleaned and held on to for future projects.  Including liquor and wine bottles.  I'm sure I'll be able to accrue more, and there's no point in bring the spaghetti sauce jars with me.  In donating blank spiral notebooks and binders, I also found all kinds of mine and Scott's college homework.  I'm not sure, but I doubt that we'll need our finance or accounting homework from 5-10 years ago.  Ever.

I feel like I have a good start, but am also missing a lot of things that I should be setting aside.  How do you all decide what makes the cut to bring with you?


  1. Heather Hammel6:11:00 AM

    I've been slowly working on this. I've already gone through my clothes and donated a bunch. I've also been thinking about which pieces of furniture are not worth moving and that I should just get rid of. My big problem will be going through all of my papers and files that are all over the house. I am such a paper hoarder. I'm afraid I might need some paper file or something in the future and then I end up sticking it in some pile somewhere and completely forget where it is and that I have it. I seriously need to invest in a file cabinet.

  2. Most stuff that I purge ends up getting donated because usually it is still in usable just isn't being used!! My husband has a HUGE stack of boxes in our garage that need to go. They are taking up a big portion of our storage space in there and it makes me anxious every time I see the unorganized stack lol.

  3. Jordyn Brown11:33:00 PM

    This was a great post to motivate me to do some spring cleaning and my fiance' and my home, before we tie the knot in a few days!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  4. We have so many files as well. And we both hoarded all of our homework from college- I graduated in 2008, and him in 2006 and 2010 with his masters. We have ALLL of this pointless schoolwork!

  5. We had a good ratio of donation and throw away. We have a tendency with bigger items to use them 'til they're dead. IE: our couches that my friend bough 4 years ago on craigslist for $100! Box hoarding bothers the crap out of me! We've had a PS4 since it came out, and only a few months ago could I convince him to recycle the box!

  6. Hehe good luck! I definitely need more motivation- though the 2 hour notice that I had yesterday that someone wanted to show the house has lit a fire under me!!!

  7. It's hard getting rid of clothes for me, especially since I don't have many to begin with, I'm going from 20 shirts/blouses to 10, but then I'd only have ten... I don't if I could/should.

  8. I understand! Someday (probably when we win the lottery) I'm just going to take ALL of my clothes to be donated and then go on a shopping spree. I'm sick of all of my clothes!


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