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Memorial Day Weekending

I have been in such a foul mood lately!  I can feel it, and I'm sure Scott has seen it the past three days- as he got home from Orlando (where he was all of last week) on Friday.  I'm sure it's the stress of this pending move (with a date that's still TBA for me), -kind of- changing directions with our "plan" yet again, and then work on top of it!  Today is the first day of our new system, which I've been making simulations for, for a few weeks.  Which is why I've got to work from home here and there.  However, it's been busy busy busy and doesn't look like it'll slow down on any of the fronts.  Our end of year is June 30- so on top of the entire University learning a new system (and it being down half of last week), there's a mad rush to get everything in by year end, when the system goes down again... AND learning a new system!

Venting done, here's some clips from the weekend....

Friday-  As mentioned above, the boy returned...

And the Nugget was happy.
Saturday- We turned around and headed back down to Orlando.  This time exploring Lake Mary, College Park, and Winter Park.  We stopped into an Olive Oil store and got some fancy garlic infused olive oil.  Then, we turned around and drove home.  Stopping after 2 to get my buy 2 get 1 free drinks from Starbucks!

Sunday- We kicked around the house.  We ate burgers, and I read, until I had to go supervise a boy running around on the roof, pressure washing.   Yay for not falling, and Yay for a side of the house not looking like poop.

Monday-  We tried to do an early hike and geocache sesh that I still need to log... We only found a couple, because geocaching in Florida with snakes and spiders and nasties got the best of us.

Phipps park in Tallahassee is home to Red Hills International Horse Trials.  There are jumps set up all over the place on the trails.  This is also the place that we almost lost Diesel a couple years ago.  He took off chasing a horse.

At some point, one of my best friends messaged me, and asked me to post this video to her brother's Facebook page.  Some holidays hit a little closer to home than I had ever thought possible..

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  1. Thank you! It was a good weekend, and I'm definitely ready for another!

  2. Girl, I hate to hear that things are so complicated at work. When things are stressful at work it makes it harder to enjoy even time at home, doesn't it? It sounds like you guys were able to have some fun this weekend, though! Here's to a quick week!!!

  3. We love geocaching!! Haven't been in a while, but yeah, that sounds scary with the spiders and snakes! I'm sorry you haven't been in the best mood, I hope the long weekend and the prospect of a short week is making you smile a bit :)

  4. Jordyn Brown1:22:00 PM

    Sorry you're so stressed out! At least you got to spend a little bit of time with your honey :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  5. It does, but mostly it makes the blog suffer :) I'm having a hard time WANTING to write when I get home. I just want to sit there and mindlessly watch tv!

  6. We had a good time with it up in Maine. And down here, we've been doing some Geotours. But it's a new level of complicated when things are hidden in a hot bed for creatures! The hardest part with the bad mood, is that I KNOW that I'm in a crappy mood, but yet, can't really stop people from irritating me! :)

  7. Heheh not sure he really appreciated 3 full days of me being cranky, but he deals with it well!

  8. Mary María4:15:00 PM

    Great, I love it! Enjoy the weekend honey!!

    Check my last post here!

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