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Five Podcasts to Binge-Listen

Ever since I binge listened to Serial in January, I have been fairly obsessed with the PodCast world.  To the point that I am debating on canceling my Sirius XM subscription, since I prefer to listen to talk rather than the same music over and over and OVER!

Serial, Undisclosed, Big D & Bubba, What Say You?, and Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

Here are my top five to try out.

Serial- I'll start with the one that started it all for me.  I'd heard about this online from a number of different places, and decided to check it out.  I wound up hooked and finished all of the episodes in a number of days.  For those who don't know, Sarah Koneig goes through the story of the disappearance of Hae Min Lee and her ultimate demise.  Her former boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was charged with her murder, but he has maintained for over 15 years that he did not kill her.  Koneg interviews as many people as she can get in touch with in direct relation to the case, including Adnan.  There was some backlash from the state prosecutor's office after the series was released and gained such a following.

Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed

Undisclosed- Alright, I just found this one last week, and there are only a couple 'casts.  But it follows up the Adnan Syed case where Serial left off.  It includes new information that has come to light since Serial gained such popularity.  Remember Rabia, Adnan's friend who originally brought his case to Sarah Koneig?  She is one of three hosts (all of which are lawyers) who are now digging into the legal side of the case.  It references a lot of things from Serial, which was more investigative reporting, and even recommends listening to that prior to listening to Undisclosed.

What Say You?- You know my current obsession with Impractical Jokers? They had a podcast called "The Tenderloins podcast" that had a grand total of 13 episodes.  It hasn't had a new one in a couple years, but the old ones are still hilarious- check those out too.  What Say You? is a comedy podcast hosted by Sal and Q from Impractical Jokers.  I binge listened all 70-something of their episodes.  They sometimes have guests, and they talk about just about anything.  My favorite has to be the episode(s) that Joey Fatone from N Sync was on.  I giggled like a 13 year old girl the entire time.

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave- This also features Q and a couple others (Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanigan) and they also talk about whatever tickles their fancy.  This has been on the pod-o-sphere for a while, and there are over 200 episodes.  I tried to start from the beginning, but the sound quality was just terrible.  So, I started from the most recent and am working backward.  Bryan Johnson is making me laugh more and more.

Big D and Bubba-  The only time that I don't listen to podcasts while in the car, is during my morning drive to work.  I switch it on to the (normal) radio to catch the local news.  The Tallahassee station I listen to syndicates Big D & Bubba, who just won an Academy of Country Music Award the other night.  They are hilarious and about the only podcast I listen to that doesn't have an "Explicit" rating.  They talk mostly about country music, airplanes, harassing their producer (Patrick),  and include a "songwriter spotlight" (which also airs on the radio) at the end of their episodes.

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Who else listens to podcasts these days?  I feel like I'm fairly new to the game so would love your recommendations!!  

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  1. Biana Perez9:10:00 AM

    We binged on serial at the start of the year and I'm so happy the new season has started - I'm waiting to binge on that too! Happy Friday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I really need to go back and listen to Serial while I'm driving, rather than at work when it's just background noise. I'm excited to see what they come back with this season!

  3. Undisclosed is just as enjoyable as Serial! I love hearing all their thoughts on everything. I will have to check out some of these other ones. I have been really enjoying The Lively Show lately.

  4. I haven't started listening to any podcasts yet (except for one for learning German) but when I do I'll look back at this post!

  5. Ok, I've never listened to a podcast! My husband loves them, though. I may have to jump in and get my feet wet soon!


  6. I haven't heard of the Lively Show. I may need to check that out as well. Right now 250+ episodes of Tell Em Steve-Dave is keeping me entertained!

  7. Definitely check out Serial and Undisclosed- those are the all around best. The others are rather specific in their greatness :)

  8. I like listening to them more than the same songs on the radio. It takes forever for me to find one / some that are worth listening to though


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