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Five on Friday Googles | The Royal Family

Since Princess Charlotte's birth, my interest in this famous family has been reignited.  I did a couple reports on Diana, Princess of Wales back in grammar and high school.  Nothing like reusing your work from one year to another!  I've always had quite a fascination with them aside from the projects and have read a number of books.  Mostly on Diana specifically.  In the past couple weeks, I must have Google- stalked all of the family's castles, houses, and palaces.

Google Map of London, showing Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, and St James's Palace
I don't remember what exactly the scale is.  BUT.  Kensington Palace (home of Diana, Princess Margaret, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) kind of connects is super close to Buckingham Palace (the Queen's home) and St. James's Palace (Prince Charles's and Prince Harry's [I think] home).  Really, they look to connect via a parks system.

1.  "Difference between aristocratic titles"-  To start off, I get lost between Dukes, Lords, Earls, and Viscounts.  What's the difference?  From what I can gather, it's the amount of an area that an aristocrat (at least historically) owns / is in charge of.  In learning this, I learned something else neat.  The way I read it, a Duchy is the American equivalent of a state.  There are only two Duchies in the UK that (still) support (financially) the Royal Family. The Duke / Duchess of Lancaster is always the Sovereign of the country- which would make sense since titles are inherited.  So right now, this would be Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh.  The other, the Duchy of Cornwall, "belongs" to the heir of the throne- currently Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall (shocker!) and eventually, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now what was the original point of that search?  You can see how I can get off on tangents and a web of Googles.  Apparently a viscount is a term for a 'noble of varying status, but historically deemed to convey a lower to middle class rank."  Many times a male child will be named a Viscount, until they inherit their father's title.  This was the case with Charles Spencer (Diana's brother), now the 9th Earl Spencer.  Side note- even though Earl Spencer has 3 older daughters, the Althorpe Estate (where Diana is buried) will go to his forth child, the only boy.  Before I get off on another tangent, the whole titledom seems to be a chain of command... Viscount answers to Earl who answers to Lord, who answers to Duke, who answers to the Sovereign.  {source}

The Queen's Imperial Crown, part of the Jewel Collection

2.  Prince Harry- Not going to lie- he's quickly become my "favorite" of the clan.  Kensington Palace and Clarence House both have Instagram accounts.  A feed full of Prince Happy first thing in the morning time is an amazing start to my day.  It's an easy way to keep up with the red-headed prince, but the occasional Google search never hurts.  You know.  To stay fully informed.

A photo posted by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on

3.  "Amner Hall"- Apparently the Queen gave this "house" to Prince William and the Duchess as a wedding gift- after asking the prior tenant to leave (says the Daily Mail).  It's reportedly where they intend to raise their kids without the media hounding them.   Though it doesn't show on Google Earth (or at least it's not marked), Sandringham is marked.  Diana was actually born on this estate in the '60s.  As a side note- anyone have any idea how owning land in the UK works?  From what I can tell, it's mostly a long-term lease- like 99 years, and the landlord is.... the government? The Queen?  The town?

Amner Hall, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's new home on the Queen's Sandringham Estate

4.  Zara Phillips-  The daughter of Anne, The Princess Royal (Prince Charles' sister),  she just turned 34 last Friday.  When you Google her, her occupation shows as equestrian instead of ... Princess, Duchess, etc.   She was also quoted in this article as saying "I think it's better to be known as being a horse rider than a royal.  They are my family, but it's nice to be known for something else."  Her brother, Peter, was the first [legitimate, as it's pointed out in the Wikipedia article] grandchild of a monarch to be born without a title in over 500 years.  I thought this was strange, so I researched a little deeper (thanks Wikipedia!) and found that it is because they are "grandchildren of the monarch in the female line, and their father declined a title"- I'm guessing when they married, since that's when the Queen likes to hand out titles.  Finally, one of Zara's godparents is Andrew Parker Bowles.  Which is the Duchess of Cornwall's ex-husband.  These royal lineages are more entertaining than any daytime soap opera!!

Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Phillips, Equestrian

5.  "How to become a Lord"-  Scott Disick managed to buy his way into Lordship a few years ago, and still owning it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  I wondered exactly how easy this is.  Apparently via this website, there are three ways to become a Lord.  It can be inherited, you can receive a life peerage from the Queen, or you can pay 195 pounds or more.  With it, you can receive a Title Deed, which enables you to use the title on all personal and legal documents.  This may be just for citizens of the UK.  Heads up- the Seated Title from this site (for 995 pounds)  are inheritable AND includes a "small parcel of land in Dartmouth."   This "parcel" is 20cm x 20cm. I hope that this is the option Lord Disick went for- so little Mason can inherit is 20 square centimeters of the UK.

Happy Friday ya'll!  You're welcome for the English History lesson!

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  1. Biana Perez9:07:00 AM

    I feel like I have learned a few things this Friday so thank you for that!! I'm pretty obsessed with the Royal Family as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Hahah I really just went down the Google/ Wikipedia rabbit hole one day when I was perusing!

  3. Chelsea Williams12:14:00 PM

    I love this!! I love the Royal family.. Do you watch the show the royals??

  4. That was interesting to read, I love your five on Friday posts!

  5. You know, I haven't. And I kind of feel like I should. They may be my next binge!

  6. Thanks! They're definitely quite random!

  7. Well look at you schooling us all on a Friday. Love it!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend :)

  8. Jordyn Brown7:44:00 PM

    So interesting! I've always been curious about the royals (as a history ed. major!) Thanks for sharing :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  9. Heheh I am so full of random facts! And I just got a little bit fuller with this digression that Google provided!

  10. There are a lot of good books out there, but it's amazing all the stuff you can find on the internet now!


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