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Big Stone Mountain Camping

I'm finally getting around to going through pictures that I found on my old digital camera from our North Carolina trip many years ago.  This was after we fled the Outerbanks and stayed the night in a hotel.

Stream at Big Stone Mountain, North Carolina

We found this campground and set up shop for the remainder of the week.  There was a stream not too far away that we found, with water up to my knees.  At a shallower point of the river, we set up a couple camp chairs in the water.  We spent one day there alone.  Diesel was just a few months old and didn't much like the water.  But he was okay perching on. Anything out of the way.

Stream at Big Stone Mountain, North Carolina
Nowadays, this little mongrel is the best swimmer of all of them.  So much so that Rylee tries to "ride" him in the water....

Mr. Bear on the other hand, had finally learned to swim on this trip.  How did we manage it?  Apparently all it takes is tossing his favorite Frisbee into the water and letting it sink.  That was enough for him to be alright with getting his head wet, and after that, swimming after it so it wouldn't sink again came naturally.

Stream at Big Stone Mountain, North Carolina
A boy and his toy....

The other thing that I remember about this campground that we stayed at, was all the deer.  Growing up in Maine I've seen my fair share.  However, not any so docile and brave as these.  They were completely unafraid of people, and would just hang out feet from our camp site.  Diesel wasn't a big fan; his puppy-growl was quite fierce.

Five or so years later, and this was still one of my favorite trips to take with the boy.  We didn't kill each other on a deserted island.  Or when my dog squeaked incessantly whenever I would go out of sight.

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  1. it looks like the dog had a lot of fun!

  2. What a fun trip!!! I love watching dogs swim, there is something about it...I don't really know how to put it in words.

  3. They always do!! I love watching them in the water!

  4. It's quite entertaining! All of ours love the water so much now, it's one of our favorite things about going to Maine- being able to have them in the water without fear of creatures!

  5. Jordyn Brown1:29:00 AM

    This looks like such a fun trip, I think camping with our pups would definitely be a challenge lol!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  6. I'm not sure we could do it with 3 now. We often talk about getting a 5th wheel; they could be content in that for a few days, with a/c and all the amenities of home.

  7. Looks like a fun time! And your dog is just so cute!

  8. He was SOOO cute. He loves the water now, but he and his little sister refuse to go outside when it's raining or the grass is wet. My husband also needs to keep it cut really short!


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