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Quiet Sunday Mornings | #CoffeeMyWay

With all this listing the house craziness, and trying to get it cleaned up to "show material," I haven't had much down time.  The one thing that I have tried to take advantage of on the weekends is the peacefulness of the country first thing in the morning.  I teamed up with Wayfair -a perfect partner when I'm going to be decorating a new home soonish- to talk about #CoffeeMyWay.

Keurig Coffee Maker and Creamer
My favorite mug has hand-painted blueberries on it.  My mom sent it to me one year for Christmas, straight from Maine.

My routine during the week is basic and not at all fun.  I am consistently running late, no matter how early I get up.  Usually on those days, I throw a Folger's K-Cup into the Keurig and let it run twice; a big cup and a little cup. Did you know you could do this? Any more than the big and small at a time - I'm not sure on the fluid ounce size- and it gets watered down.   Tervis Tumblers are my travel mug of choice and we have quite the collection.  I have to make sure I don't grab the Gators cup- I'm fairly certain I would be sent home from FSU with it.

Coffee and "Together With You" by Victoria Bylin

Anyway- back to my favorite coffee-time.  Sleeping in a little on the weekend and leaving Scott to sleep even later, I make the same coffee I do all week.  Since I use a regular mug here at the house, I make two small cups at a time.  Did I mention that I put approximately 8 shots of French Vanilla creamer in my coffee?  Is that weird?  I don't use any sugar, though.

Coffee My Way: Country Morning on the Porch

After mixing my concoction and letting it cool a bit, I head out to the front porch with my coffee and whatever book I'm reading at the time.  I sit and listen to the birds chirping and the cows next door mooing.  It's a very relaxing start to a most likely crazy day.

Peaceful mornings on the Plantation
I'm gonna miss this view when we move!

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  1. I only use cream no sugar in my coffee too!!! And I am so with you on no matter how early I wake up, I always seem to be rushing out the door on the verge of being late. How does that even happen??

  2. Hahaha I believe it's because the earlier I get up, the more time I screw around until I realize what time it is, then have to scramble. I'm better off sleeping until the last possible minute and then just getting up and rushing through and out the door!

  3. Biana Perez11:44:00 AM

    I can't wait to have outdoor space again so I can do just that! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Caity Elizabeth12:29:00 PM

    Sounds like such a relaxing way to start the day! Weekends are the best!

  5. Sounds like such a relaxing way to start the day! Weekends are the best!

  6. Yes! I think it'll also be fun to be able to do this by the beach on a regular basis :)

  7. It is! As long as I can keep the husband asleep with the dogs, anyway :)

  8. Jordyn Brown5:08:00 PM

    Coffee is my lifeline, I seriously wouldn't be able to start my days without it!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  9. Me either, I've gotten to the point that during the weekend, I'll have multiple cups per day, just because I ENJOY the taste!

  10. Thanks! I enjoy it. I also love that the house can't be seen from the road with all the trees. It's definitely going to be hard to move back to a neighborhood!


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