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Favorite Spring / Summer TV Shows

I was alerted the other day, that it's almost the end of the season for many of my favorite TV shows.  It makes for a long Springtime and Summer when there's nothing new to watch.  Scott has a bunch of shows he watches in the Summer, but to me Fall TV is where it's at.  None the less, here are 5 shows that I will be keeping up with during the "off" season.

Undateable- March 17- NBC
 This is in its 2nd season- we watched the first and it was friggin hilarious.  Every time I watch it, though, I'm reminded how much I miss the short lived Whitney- as Chris D'Elia (main character Danny) played Whitney's husband on her show.  The show is about 5 guys in their 30s who are pretty much Undateable for one reason or another.  Danny's a serial... dater? Justin is a shy bar owner, Shelly is always high, Burski is a massive dork, and Brett has just figured out he's gay.  Their shenanigans in the dating world is just hilarious.

Young and Hungry- March 25- ABCFamily
Also the 2nd season of this show.  Again, I'm surprised- and rather impressed- that ABCFamily allows a little bit of sexual content / innuendos on their network.  Gabbi (Emily Osment of Hannah Montana fame) is a 20-something professional chef, that gets hired by Josh, a young rich tech guy, to be his daily chef.  He's engaged to a devil woman of course, and upon first meeting and hiring Gabbi he sleeps with her.  Don't worry his fiance and him are "on a break" a la Ross and Rachel.  The second season kicks off with Josh, having dumped the witch fiance, denying his feelings for Gabbi as she has a new boyfriend.  Lighthearted slapstick comedy ensues, mixed with sexual double entendres.  Also, remember Lloyd from Entourage?  He's Josh's publicist.

Girl Meets World- May 11- Disney
The day that Boy Meets World is on Netflix is the day I take a hiatus from work to binge watch.  Until then I will settle for seeing Cory and Topanga grown up and living in New York City.  Be warned- this is 100% a Disney flick.  Every now and then there may be a discrete acknowledgement of what adults (married and in love, of course) do.  The show follows Riley and her friends through middle school, with Corey as her history teacher, very Feeney-esq.  So far there have cameo appearances from Minkus (Lee Norris), whose kid is also in Riley's class, Harley, complete with him calling Corey "Baboon," Corey's parents, his teenage little brother.  And of course Shawn!  I read somewhere that Feeney and Eric may also be making an appearance on the show, as well as Shawn's ex Angela!  There are also a few flashbacks to the BMW days!
via- Cory and Topanga, then and now.

Chrisley Knows Best- June 2- USA
I can't even tell you what season this show is on, but I've seen ever episode.  Todd Chrisley has the best things come out of his mouth.  The things that his kids put him through, even knowing he's a hardass, makes me laugh.  A complete trashy reality tv.  And it's hilarious.

Royal Pains- June 2-USA
Scott has been watching Royal Pains for years now, and I'd catch an episode every now and then.  However, the first 4 seasons are on Netflix and made for great binge-watching.  Now I'm all caught up- ready to start the new season.  It takes place in the Hamptons with a brothers Hank and Evan run a concierge doctor's office for the rich and sometimes famous.  There have been a number of characters added over the season- my favorite so far is Jeremiah.  He starts as a backup to Hank, but quickly becomes an integral part of HankMed.  He doesn't really understand sarcasm, and is kind of OCD, and completely hilarious.A nice mix of comedy and drama.  Last season, there was even a guest appearance / crossover with Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick.  Because they "Took the Hamptons" last summer.  Oh, and Henry Winkler also cameos often!

What are some of your favorite Spring and Summer shows?

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  1. Wait, who's in young and hungry? I need some summer shows!

  2. Emily Osment from Hannah Montana and Rex Lee from Entourage are the only two I can identify. There's also been appearances by Jesse McCartney, Ashley Tisdale, and Kylie Minogue. It's a pretty good half hour sitcom

  3. Biana Perez11:07:00 AM

    Oh Chrisley - he has got to be the funniest dad in America lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I freaking LOVE Chrisley Knows best but I dont think my husband is a fan so I dont really get to watch it. I need to binge when he is sleeping or something lol. I will have to check out some of these other shows. I haven't heard of most of them. Oh how I miss BMW!!!!!

  5. For sure! At least the dad with the best one-liners!

  6. Hahah at one point all of the seasons of Chrisley Knows Best was On Demand. I'm not sure if they're on Netflix yet or not. Scott could take or leave it, but since he dominates the DVR and TV 95% of the time, he can deal with me watching it once a week!

  7. the first three seasons of boy meats world are on the Mexican netflix.. I didn't watch them while I was there though, because I had recently seen those.. I need 4+!

  8. I don't know how it works, but I really hope they add all of them.. soon!


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