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About Me in Fours

Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation
Remember those surveys that were always posted on Myspace?  Well,I've seen this making its way around the Blogland lately.  I feel like I've gained a few new readers here lately, and decided this may be a good way to get to know me!

Four Names People Call Me

Dorro- My best friends Abigail, Amy, and Rachel.
Monkey- Scott.  To the point that I haven't heard him call me by name since our vows on our wedding day.  Really I think that's the ONLY time he's called me by my name.
Little Dorrie-  Father-in-law!!  Usually in a sentence like "I think Little Dorrie wants to go get some ice cream..."  Meaning he wants to go to the ice cream shop in town for a hot fudge sundae.
Will-Joe-Dorrie-  My grandfather.  He's always gone through my brothers' names to get to me.  Sometimes he just calls me Julie, which is my aunt (his daughter).

Covered Bridge Park in Elizabethton, TN

Four Jobs I've Had

Accounting Specialist (Currently)
Personal Injury Protection Claims Representative
Float Financial Service Representative
Sales Associate (Retail- I've never NOT hung up my clothes from the fitting room since)

Retail meme

Four Movies I've Watched More than Once

Pitch Perfect*

Dirty Dancing

Four Things In My Purse

Migraine Medicine
Parks Passports (For Maine, Tennessee, Florida, and National!)

Four Books I'd Recommend

All of the Selection Series* by Kiera Cass (There's a new one coming in May! (Preorder The Heir*)
Cash: The Autobiography* by Johnny Cash

Four Places I've Lived

East Machias, Maine
Johnson City, Tennessee
Kissimmee, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida

Bog Lake in Marshfield, Maine

Four Places I Have Visited

Grand Cayman Islands
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Campobello Island, Canada

East Quoddy Lighthouse on Campobello Island, NB, Canada


Four Places to Visit on my Travel Bucket List

London, England


Four Foods I Don't Eat

Lobster not from Maine
Most veggies

Crabmeat roll from Helen's Restaurant in Machias, Maine
Mmmm Crabmeat roll.  The restaurant that I got this from (Helen's) burned down. To the ground.  A week later.  They've rebuilt and will be opening sometime next month!


Four Shows I Watch

Impractical Jokers!
Last Man Standing
Big Bang Theory
Pretty Little Liars

Eve Baxter Last Man Standing Meme


Four Things I am Looking Forward to in 2015

Moving closer to the beach
Thanksgiving with both our families in the same place
Christmas at our house
Vacation (where has still yet to be determined- especially with a move in the works)

*Amazon Affiliate links

So, I hope ya'll have learned a little bit more about me- mostly useless but fun things!!

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  1. Japolina7:45:00 AM

    I like the part about not hanging up clothes in the fittin room. I worked in clothes stores during high school and college and I was so amazed that people never hung back up the clothes. My mom always made us hang them back up!

  2. They're fun every now and then- it gives me a chance to write about some things that I wouldn't think of otherwise!

  3. Gah it was always irritating going in to the fitting rooms and seeing a disaster. What got me more were the people that would hang up the clothes. Inside out and backwards. WHY EVEN BOTHER?!?

  4. I might have to borrow this sometime! I always loved those MySpace surveys... and I've watched Dirty Dancing more times than I can count!

  5. Biana Perez10:51:00 AM

    Oddly enough Gary and I call each other Monkey too - it's our favorite nickname! I love that you have a solidarity to lobster from Maine!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Heheh go ahead! I saw it a couple different places last week. They're so fun sometimes, because I don't think to tell people some of the things that are asked in the surveys!

  7. Hahah I have to wonder what people think sometimes if they overhear our conversations! I think a lot of the Maine lobster thing, is that I prefer to cook it. I've had restaurant lobster a few times and it's just not the same. Especially when in the back of my mind, I know the mark up in price on it.

  8. Jo Elizabeth11:12:00 AM

    Bahahaha the "so you're in retail" funny! SO TRUE!

  9. It really is!! When I stopped working retail, my sanity level came way down- without the assistance of alcohol!

  10. Sheryl Nadler Sheppard11:33:00 AM

    WOW! You certainly are all over the place. That's awesome!

  11. Hahahah I'm all over the place all the time- not just with moving and such!!!

  12. You lived in three very different states!!! Hurray for Big Bang Theory and PLL!!! :) And I am so with you on seeing Dirty Dancing multiple times. And Sound of Music too!!!!

  13. My father-in-law does the same thing except usually along the lines of Angela wants a drink of wine... and I'll have half to his two. :)

  14. Yes! It's funny- I picked up a little bit of an accent from years in Tennessee, that I didn't realize until I came down to Florida. However, when I get back in Maine, my "yankee" accent comes back very strongly!

  15. Hehehe aren't they great!

  16. My yankee/pittsburgh accent comes back real strong when I am around my mom or visit Pittsburgh too!!! You can take the girl out of the northeast, but you cant take the yankee out of the girl :)

  17. are you moving within your city or to a new one? are you any bit closer to deciding where your going? can i ask anymore questions haha.

  18. We're moving within Florida, but back down to Central / South Florida. We have an idea of where we we're going as far as a town, but that's a new development and still a secret hehe! And Ask away!

  19. the city is still a secret or the vacation spot?

  20. the (potential) city we're moving to- we still haven't made an decisions on vacation, or if we'll even be able to take one this year with my changing jobs and the move and all!

  21. Same thing with us, oh well...


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