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A Late Weekending

Boy-oh-Boy!  This weekend was rough!  We did a lot of cleaning and a lot of not much else.  It rained pretty heavy all weekend long, which also meant I was fighting headaches the entire time.  I finally succumbed to it and took Monday off.  It also poured down the rain then, so I haven't had much of a relief.

Moving on....

Cleaning Checklist

We cleaned the entire top floor of the house- which included a vacuuming twice, steam mopping, followed by hardwood floor cleaner, followed by a polish, and a no-dog zone for 24 hours.  But it looks spectacular.  Minus the little section that I got sidetracked because Scott was talking to me.  You can definitely tell where there is and is not polish on the floor!  Anyone have any recommendations? I'd dearly love not having to go over the entire thing again.  Arms hurt and I need to work out, clearly!

We also found a little guest in our garage Saturday afternoon.  Scott called me to come look- one of the rare cases he uses my name is when it's urgent...

Baby Armadillo

Baby 'dillo was removed from our garage and put out in the tree line to scavenge.  Sunday, we saw him (?) and his brother/sister back out in the yard.  When they grow up, they're nasty little creatures, but these were just babies and I'm hoping they found some place dry before it down poured.

In between cleaning pretty much nonstop, we ran into Tallahassee for a few things for the house.  Would you believe that we've gone every bit of 8 months without a ceiling fan/ light in our bedroom?!  And for two years, we've been complaining about the chandelier that hung in our little den/nook area.  Scott would hit his head on it every time he walked through there!

Flush-mounted Dome Light
I'm not a big fan of these kinds of lights, but it is a vast improvement from the chandelier that hung here.

Harbour Breeze Centerville fan
I'm having fun turning on this light, after 8 months of nothing.  You can also see by the dents in the bed that Scott had some help putting it up!

It was quite a productive weekend, but it feels like we will never have fun again- at least not 'til we sell the house!!!

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  1. Biana Perez9:15:00 AM

    I think it's great that you had a productive weekend - I mean what else is there to do when it rains?! I get headaches right before it rains...something about the pressure :( xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. It was productive, for sure- but it was a constant battle of not wanting to do ANYTHING lol. The pressure in the air sometimes sets me off, but not every time. I figure if it put me out of commission once in the 14 days of rain, it's not too terrible

  3. Sheryl Nadler Sheppard9:38:00 AM

    That baby armadillo is so cute. You won't have to worry about them...when you sell! LOL

  4. they can be a real problem when they're full grown- tearing up the yard and such. I never knew they were so prevalent in Florida until we moved!

  5. Sheryl Nadler Sheppard10:09:00 AM

    Yes they can. We live in Florida, too. My husband purchased fence pieces and didn't get a chance to install them. I let me dogs out and my Yorkie was going crazy by the fence pieces. There was a LARGE adult in there hissing at my dog. I grabbed my little girl and ran inside. That sucker was PISSED.

  6. Oh dear! We have a fenced in area for the pups, and armadillos have gotten in there and not been able to get out. On two separate occasions they almost caught one, but it managed to burrow under the deck in time.

  7. Sheryl Nadler Sheppard10:28:00 AM

    Be glad for that. They are NASTY! I know they are scared and defending themselves, but when my pups are in danger, they are just mean. :)

  8. Marissa3:00:00 PM

    I don't think that I've ever seen a live armadillo....I always would see them dead in GA...and of course the southern states when we would drive.

  9. It's always nice to have a productive weekend! Good luck on selling the house. :)

  10. We've come across tons of them the past couple years!! Theyr'e nasty little creatures when they're full grown!

  11. I thought so, too! We had a hugely productive weekend, even with the headaches and such. The sun is shining now and I've recovered!

  12. It is, but it's also great to have a lazy weekend, which was what I was truly feeling at that point :) Thanks! We'll need it!

  13. Jordyn Brown2:58:00 PM

    I'm so jealous that you've had such a great cleaning time, our house definitely needs it! Maybe you've motivated me to work on the house after finals are over on Friday! :)

    xoox, SS

    Southern Stylista

  14. LOL i did not have a great time doing it, but it HAD to be done. I must say it does feel pretty good, though!


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