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5 on Friday | Facebook Favorites

Happy Friday!  We are up in Tennessee for the long weekend, and are enjoying some family time!  My friends have provided some pretty fun things over the past month or so on Facebook.  Three give you a little taste of Maine, one is an ode to Friends, and one that I hope has a promising future. 

One || Give people from "away" food that is top-notch in Maine.  Disclaimer: true baked beans do NOT look like this.  Someday I'll share my grandmother's recipe.  Also, Moxie is nasty.

Two || I have to translate for Scott every time we go home.  Here are 25 terms that you'll really only hear in (some parts of) Maine.  Not on the list is the one that everyone knows: Wicked.  I still say "I'm wicked tired" usually when I am ... wicked tired.... but it comes out "wickid ty-id."  The list is not entirely phonetic, so it looks -kind of- okay when you read it.  If you've heard someone say it before, though, there are probably some syllables missing.  Others on the list that I have used in daily vocabulary: "stove up," "'chuppta?," "a rig," "dooryard*," "down cellar*," "kife*," "book it," "cunnin'."

*These three are all one that I got called out on when I first moved to Tennessee.  FYI, what they say the "door yard" is, is incorrect- it's your front yard.  Outside.  Not your entryway, inside.

Three ||  30 Things no one tells you about leaving Maine- these are completely true, especially number 10.  Whoopie Pies are closely related to "moon pies" in the South.  Except for, not.  They don't even compare.  Number 13 also hits close to home- when we go to Maine we get lobster off the docks, for (usually) less than $5 a pound.  The tail isn't even the best part.  Claws are where it's at.

Four ||  Anyone keeping track of how many times I express my love of Friends?  Anyone that is half obsessed as I am, or are just enjoying it every now and then on Netflix, needs to read this Buzzfeed article.  It had me at number 1, "The One Where Joey Discovers Tinder"

Five ||  Does anyone else suffer from excruciating migraines?  I've dealt with them for almost 23 years now (if you do the math, I started getting them at the ripe age of 6).  Lately, with the help of melt-on-your-tongue medicines, I haven't had one that I've been throwing-up-sick in months.  Hopefully this research continues to go forward and show amazing results.  Though, for as often that I suffer from a migraine now, I'll take a mint-tasting chewable over a shot of Novocaine-like medicine into my face any day.  If I had to deal with them multiple times a week.  I'd be asking for a shot to the face.

Happy Good Friday Ya'll!  I'll be be back Monday with a few (probably cell phone) pictures from our trip!

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  1. I hope you have fun in Tennessee!!! Maine sounds a lot like Pittsburgh. We had our own language there and I had to break most of my habits over the years!!! I used to get really bad headaches all the time when I was younger. Going to the chiropractor helped mine. Sometimes I still get them, but peppermint tea or mints sometimes can help if I feel it coming on.

  2. Jordyn Brown2:57:00 PM

    I laughed SO hard at that video. I'm a Southern girl through & through, I would love to find a video where people from another part of the US try Southern foods because I can only imagine what some people would say about collard greens!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  3. We have been having a blast! I think everywhere has their own dialect for sure, and you just don't notice it until you move away! I haven't had a migraine in quite some time, but get so nauseated with them, that I need something that helps with that part more than anything. Bleh!

  4. Hahah I thought it was quite hilarious, and a lot of the food they try I LOVE. But, I will openly admit, that if I hadn't grown up eating clams, I would be the first to find them the most disgusting thing ever to look at / try to eat.

  5. My husband gets migraines. He loses at least a day when it happens. I'm wondering what this magical melting medicine is that helps you...? (I guess I could Google it lol).

  6. It's a couple! The nausea medicine is Zofran (it was developed to help curb the side effects of cancer patients going through chemo.) It's non-drowsy, though my doctor recommended not driving on it the first time I took it, to make sure I didn't have side effects.
    The other is Rizatriptan dissolving tablets, which is the actual migraine medicine. Because these both dissolve on your tongue, they work quicker and you (I) don't risk throwing them up if you do happen to get sick. Usually that happens (with me) if I don't take the medicine soon enough

  7. Thank you! I will tell him about it so he can ask his doctor about it.

  8. But collard greens are delicious!


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