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Weekending | An Impromptu 4-Days

Greetings all!  I am currently back in the land of the living (barely) after coming down with Scott's crud on Wednesday.  Thankfully I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for Thursday, so they put me on a Z-pack right away.  Even still, it will be nice when I don't have to toss and turn and pick which side of my nose I want to breathe out of!

Because of all this nonsense, it's been another low-key weekend.  I skipped my 5 on Friday post, which wouldn't have been that exciting anyway.  It was going to be an update on my resolutions (especially since I skipped February's update as well!) but let's just say the only one of the five that I sort of upheld was the cleaning.

Thursday and Friday was spent in the bed.  All day long.  These guys didn't seem to mind.

Saturday I finally felt well enough, and it was such a gorgeous day, I mustered up enough energy to sit on the front porch and read.  The fresh air probably did me some good.

Sunday was spent running our usual errands, and then a "work sesh" at Starbucks.  The next couple of weeks are quite busy for us, and I really needed to get some posts planned and written.  It's much easier to do that at a place where your internet connection isn't reminiscent of dial-up speeds.

This house has seen enough sickness for the foreseeable future!  I hope everyone else's weekend was much more pleasant than mine!  Though, I don't mind a good excuse to be lazy without remorse, and being sick is the ultimate excuse!


  1. Glad you're feeling better and hope it continues that way. I didn't get any blogging done this weekend {except for the 10 minutes it took me to write today's post} so I'm already feeling behind and the day hasn't really started yet! Eeek.

  2. Oh Lord I'm so behind on the blogging thing. I never got my post for tomorrow done, so now I have to try to get it done today while catching up with things at work!

  3. Biana Perez9:13:00 AM

    Ahhh sorry you weren't feeling well that's the worst - but so happy that you are feeling better and were able to get out of the house a bit this weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. The pups definitely love it when we're home, and especially when we're bedridden! I was seriously in bed during all of their feeding times (usually they are more than willing to get up at those points!) and Scott had to come in and shoo them out of the bed to go eat!


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