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Five on Friday | FBing

1.  Man dies in Taiwan after 3-day online gaming binge- This sounds like my old roommate Stefans during his World of Warcraft days.  "Hey Stefans do you want to go out to eat?"  "Sorry, can't. I'm getting ready to battle a dragon."

2.  Facebook Now Lets You Choose Who Manages Your Account When You Die-  I'm sure ya'll have seen this by now, and I have mixed feelings.  When my good friend died, the mass amount of notifications from people gossiping and tagging him in their posts drove me, his sister, and other close friends and family batty.  On the other hand, I love the ability to go back before March 4, 2012 and see all of his fun posts, to see our conversations via messenger, and to see our wall conversations before messenger.  However, having someone else control my stuff, even to the degree that it talks about in the article, kind of creeps me out.

3. Seriously, this may be the cutest video EVAR. And good song, too.

4. My friend shared this. It's hilarious. But also, I apparently pronounce some Maine towns wrong. And I'm from there.

5. I've followed the Chris Kyle thing closely. By "thing," I don't mean the movie, his death, or the trial. I mean all of it (except for the movie- that will be viewed on DVD in my own home) plus read the book. I started following him/ his foundation on Facebook after I saw him on an episode of Sons of Guns a year or so before he was murdered. I watched his memorial on Youtube, which was pretty much the saddest thing- I hear there is footage in the movie. This song was written by a vet, and Trisha Yearwood helps sing it. You can buy it on iTunes for $.99, with 100% of the proceeds to go to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

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  1. Biana Perez9:32:00 AM

    I think Facebook has taken it just too far with that one!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I know right? But people are crazy, so I'm sure they're just reacting to people's stupidity and hopefully preempting future issues!

  3. I hadn't seen the FB article until now. That's a little much. You really are on top of the Chris Kyle thing - I'm interested to know what you think after you watch the movie!

  4. I'm sure the movie was good- but I'm not a fan of war movies because, emotions and feelings. I'm pretty sure the last one I saw completely through was Forrest Gump!

  5. Thanks for keeping me up to date, haha!

  6. The puppy video is so adorable!
    Thanks for linking up for H54F :)


  7. Hahah my husband laughs at me, because MOST of my Facebook feed is news. Which I guess is better than people's drama! But it keeps me in the know :)

  8. Makes me want puppies. Then I remember I slept with one leg off my king size bed last night, because puppies tend to grow and take over!


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