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Favorite Alaskan Blogs | Vacationing

One of my favorite things to do when planning a vacation (we're still debating on where to go, by the way!) is to find bloggers in that area and read up on what they have to offer as far as information.  Blogs (and bloggers) give a more personal insight on what to do in an area than any travel site could.  Here are a few of my favorite Alaskan Blogs to follow!

Life Alaskan Style-  Whitney updates her blog frequently, though it hasn't had an update since the beginning of March.  However, I still love looking back through her old posts and photos of the Alaskan outdoors.  From the glimpses that I catch of her home, they do in fact, have indoor plumbing!

Pardon My French- The first Alaska blog that I found, before starting to plan this potential vacation.  Kelsey has 4 children, and her husband is in the Army.  The pictures from the first post of hers that I read, had me hooked!  And I really want to got to Alaska during this time of the year and check out some glaciers now.  And probably freeze to death, since I've become accustomed to Florida temperatures.

Wild Roots Homestead-  Emily is located in Fairbanks and homeschools her kids.  Her blog is like the real-life version of Alaska: The Last Frontier.  Which is like the reality TV version of Alaska, The Last Frontier.  I was really, really, really impressed with her homemade gifts- Scott and I would love to be as self sufficient as she is!

Idlewild Alaska- Another homesteading blog based in Alaska.  It had great recipes, and great info- especially if you think you should get a bunch of chickens every year during Chick Days at Tractor Supply.  We have yet to get chicks, but every year we think we SHOULD! It also has some great resources for traveling to Alaska, like her Road Trip to Fairbanks, Alaska post, and her Hunting the Denali Highway, Alaska post.

Ana White- Okay, so she doesn't have as much about traveling to Alaska, but this is where I get most of the building plans I use for the furniture I've built.  I pretty much love anything and everything that Ana has on there, and her story of how she starting building is just great.  I'm not sure if it's still on there, but her husband apparently got injured when they were trying to build their house (in Alaska, of course), and she pretty much took over, learning as she went.  I also love that she gives permission to sell the furniture that you make using her plans.



  1. Biana Perez10:35:00 AM

    Gary has been wanting to go to Alaska for the longest time!! I'm going to share these with him! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Gah I'm pretty sure we could live there and be perfectly content with life. But I would be hibernating during the wintertime!

  3. Thanks so much for the introduction to all those fabulous blogs!

  4. I have always thought about wanting to go to Alaska one day! One of my friends from HS moved there are few years ago and every picture they post is just gorgeous!!!

  5. They definitely have me hooked! I could spend hours trying to figure out if I could/should build something on ana-white!

  6. It really is! We really want to go, too, but always get side tracked by trips that don't require a flight!

  7. IdlewildAlaska.com1:37:00 PM

    Aw, thanks for the share! I love living in Alaska and sharing it with people all over the world :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I think a lurk on your blog more than comment, but I love it!! :)


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