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DIY Stuff & Things | Wedding Details

The wedding this weekend made me think a little more about my wedding, and some of the details.  So I flipped through more pictures and rounded up a few that had some of my DIY projects.
The poms in the tree and lining the aisle were made by my mother-in-law.  I ordered some tissue paper on Amazon, and found instructions on Pinterest.  We glued two together to make the balls along the aisle.

She also made the flowers for the centerpieces, and I spray painted the mason jar.  Oh, and the mat in the middle? She quilted one for every table, each a little different.  She also made the napkin rings- apparently those tiny flowers were the hardest to make.  I couldn't even "fluff" them properly!

I glued a bunch of tiny flowers (made by MIL!) on to branches that Scott had cut from some of our trees. I burnt my fingers a lot. If I had thought a little bit more, I might have broken the branches down and used some for decor in the house.

I bought this plain wooden arrow from Michaels, and painted it with simple acrylic paint.  Then, I found a font online that I liked, downloaded and blew it up.  The original plan was to stencil it on, but I didn't have any thick paper that would work.  I got creative and cut an office folder in half and printed (just the outlines) on it.  Then, I took an Exacto knife and cut it out, and painted it navy.  I used decoupage matte finish glue to put it on there, with a layer over it to stick.  I stapled ribbons to the back, so it could hang from our mailbox as a marker for guests.  It's held up pretty good over the past year and a half, and still has a little dirt on it from being outside overnight!

I made this sign the same as above, and added glitter stick on letters for bride!  Our little ring bearer was to carry this before I made my entrance.

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  1. Jordyn Brown12:22:00 AM

    Such sweet details! I wish I had time to DIY for our wedding, your projects look like so much fun! I especially love your centerpieces :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  2. It started months in advance, and involved a lot more on my MIL's part than me! I just had the materials sent to her and she made them. The centerpieces were very much a money saver!!

  3. Everything looks pretty!

  4. Thanks! Lots of effort put in by the family for sure!

  5. Mandy B.8:37:00 PM

    Looks beautiful! thanks for linking up to Tuesday Talk! xoxo-Mandy from Almond Place

  6. Thanks! Everything really did turn out great! Thank God for family!!!

  7. Sharon Erickson2:32:00 PM

    I love the yellow arrow wedding sign! So darling! Pinning and sharing. Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday last week! I can't wait to see what you have lined up for this week.

    Her Organized Chaos

  8. Thanks Sharon! I wish I had gotten pictures of it hanging over the mailbox! I was surprised how good both signs came out, as I was totally winging it! I should really use up some of my scrap wood to create more signs like it!


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