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Radha Beauty Argan and Coconut Oil | Review

Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconu Oil and Argan Oil

I've had an interest in the uses and benefits of essential oils for a while-  anything that works and is simpler and more pure, the better.  I've had the chance to try out a few different products from Radha Beauty and have been using the Argan and Coconut Oils for a couple of weeks now.  It's worth noting that each of these oils can be used for the same things, but have different purposes when you use them.  I've rounded up some of my favorites I found while pinning on my Essential Oils board on Pinterest!


Argan Oil Uses

Acne- rub in circular motion on blemishes and surrounding area.  Not only does it reduce the redness of the blemish, but it regulates some kind of oil in your skin, preventing future breakouts.  Argan oil also has vitamin E in it, so it helps reduce scarring. 

Hair- You can apparently use this as a leave in conditioner if you only use a couple of drops.  I haven't tried this for fear of greasiness during the day.  I have, however,  used it as a deep oil cleanse overnight.  I massage it into my scalp and roots, all the way to the end of my hair, throw a shower cap on, and head to bed.  Usually on a night that Scott's away!  In the morning, I rinse my hair and wash it a couple times.  It is noticeably shinier and softer when I go to style.  It also apparently stimulates growth and eliminates dandruff!

Moisturizer- Since Argan oil absorbs into the skin quickly, just a couple of drops work well for moisturizer.  I've mentioned before that I have fairly sensitive skin that dries easily.  I use a retinol moisturizer and Vitamin C serum combo in the morning, pre-makeup, and Argan Oil in the evening.  Since I received these oils, it's been a while since I've used my go to Ponds moisturizer.

Some other notes:  Argan Oil is best used on damp, warm skin- so at the end / directly after your shower.  It penetrates your skin better, and even faster.  The Radha Beauty Argan Oil that I used is 100% Organic and not tested on animals, so yay!

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Fractionated Coconut Oil uses

Body Lotion-  Again, apply directly after your shower and it will absorb quickly.  It helps even skin tone and (can) help with Keratosis Pilaris (those tiny pin prick bumps you may get on your skin!)  It feels a little heavier to me than the Argan Oil, so I use the Coconut on my body and Argan on my face.

Hair-  Using coconut oil as a hair mask will strengthen and seal your hair, protecting it against the heat of a curling/ flat iron or blow dryer.  It also helps battle split ends.  I've been pretty smitten with the Argan Oil in my hair over night, so I haven't tried the coconut oil to see if there's any difference.

Dogs-  While I haven't used this particular brand of coconut oil on my bears, I have used coconut oil in the past.  It was marketed specifically for dogs' consumption, though now I'm certain that it isn't any different from unfractionated coconut oil.  But, it gives them shiny coats, prevents dandruff/dry skin for them, and they love it.  You can try to rub it on them, but mine prefer to lick it off a spoon as a treat.  If you smear it into their fur, I guarantee you they're going to ingest it, anyway.  It is also supposed to protect against fleas!

Some more notes: I mentioned last week that I did a Google search for this.  The main purpose at that point was to figure out what the difference was between this and the unfractionated coconut oil that we used for cooking.  It's something having to do with the proteins or whatever that is left in the oil when it's done.  Unfractionated coconut oil, there is less processing, it's solid(ish), and it smells like coconut.  Radha Beauty's Fractionated Coconut Oil(affiliate link) is liquid, it is odorless, and it's better for sensitive skin.

Samples received from BrandBacker in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Biana Perez11:14:00 AM

    I love argan oil but I've never heard of this brand!! I still haven't gotten on board with coconut oil, but I need to! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I've had more experience with Coconut oil than I have Argan oil. I'd never heard of the brand either, so I did quite a bit of research via amazon. Big plusses that it's organic (how could it not be?!) and not tested on animals, though apparently you can get a "bad batch" of it. I actually used the coconut oil as a makeup remover last night, and it worked really well, plus it can help lengthen lashes!

  3. Jordyn Brown11:32:00 AM

    My samples for these are on their way & I'm even more excited to try them out after reading your review :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  4. I just did another overnight treatment with the argan oil for my hair/ scalp, last night. I had to wash/rinse it about 3 times this morning, but it feels sooo soft and shiny after! I'm hoping it'll stimulate some growth, too. My hair gets to a certain point then it seems to stop growing!!

  5. I have never tried oils, my skin is oily so I did not want to add to it. But I can see that there are many benefits, especially for my hair. Thanks Dorrie.

  6. I thought that same thing, but one of the sites I pinned actually explained that if your skin is oily, the Argan oil (I think) could help regulate it. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but I think it's like most things, and won't react the same for every person.... Every other article I read, was "coconut oil is good for your skin", and then "not", and then "yes". LOL I finally just decided to try it out and see what happens. So far so good for me!

  7. Thanks, that helps out a lot. Appreciate your reply.

  8. I have argan oil that I like to use around my eyes and on my forehead at night, but I have never thought it would be good for acne?! I am going to have to try that out! I love taking my coconut oil and mixing it with sugar and creating my own lip scrub!

  9. I need to try the lip scrub. I've tried the argan oil on a couple problem areas and it DOES seem to be helping! Though, I think the coconut oil works better for evening skin tone.


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