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Weekending | Valentines, Bears, and 6 Years

We'll start off with a story... Friday morning when I call Scott, he says "you should leave work early... you need an extra day at home with the dogs."  I'm like, "Well, that'd be nice, but I'm already on my way to work, and I'm not driving an hour just to turn around and drive home a little while later."  He says, "Well you could stay till like.  1 and then be home for the afternoon...."

I don't go home.  At about 2:30 I get another call from him, "I just got an email that a package has been delivered.  You should leave and go home and see what it is, I wasn't expecting anything."  I say, "Well who is it from?" "I don't know! It didn't say!"  I still don't leave early, being the dedicated employee that I am.

I get home around 6:00, and find a big box out on the deck...  Inside contained these:
The card reads, "Love, Your amazing husband."  He's so modest.
And it's kind of true, but I think it's going to his head.
Such a sweet boy sometimes.  And those plans I had written about Friday?  Did none of them verbatim.  I didn't do any that required leaving the house for sure.  However, I did slap on my yoga pants and LL Bean slippers and sit on the couch.  All day long on Saturday.  I tried to read a little bit.  Couldn't get into it.  So I binge watched Glee instead.  I've never watched it before.  Ain't half bad.  Though, it does feel a little creepy watching Cory Monteith in 2009, knowing what happens in 2013.

But since I didn't leave the house all weekend long, the only thing I have to share, are these fabulous pictures of my little bears.  Who are at least partly to blame for me not leaving the couch on Saturday.
This little lady ran directly inside and to the gifts.  She decided the bear was her's.  When I talked to Scott and told him I let her have it, he said, "Well I didn't want to be an ass and tell you the bear's for her..."  I said, "Well good, because I didn't want to be an ass and tell you I gave part of my present to the dog."  We clearly spend too much time together.

Today also happens to be the 6 year anniversary of when I conned this boy into taking me to Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg.  We ran around the aquarium, me pointing out shiny/sparkly things, him pointing out sharks.  Then, we ate at Olive Garden, where we terrified the server by arguing over who was paying.  Something along the lines of "Damn you women and your feminist values!" Was said.  Such a charmer!
The first picture of us together.  That I poorly edited on my phone back in 2011.  It made it so he was paying attention to me- not his phone which is what he was actually looking at! :)


  1. Casi @ MooreSprinklesPlease9:23:00 AM

    I love Gatlinburg! We go every October for our wedding anniversary. Such a romantic place :)

  2. Jordyn Brown9:35:00 AM

    I literally just laughed out loud at the bear debacle! Your little girl looks so proud of herself with her Valentine's Day present :) Glad you had such a great Valentine's Day!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  3. We used to go all the time when we lived up in Johnson City. We went back the day after Thanksgiving this year, it was a nice day trip, but we wouldn't find much to do after a night or two!

  4. She's so rotten! Unfortunately I had to take it away from her so she'd eat dinner. Then when I went to give it back, I felt those little bead things in it, so I put it up. She just goes out to the kitchen now, and stares at it. Nub wiggling.

  5. Biana Perez10:42:00 AM

    How sweet!! See he surprises you when you least expect it!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Aww!! I love surprises and if my hubs told me to leave work early, I'd be all over it. I'd go tell my boss that it was an order!! Hah! Glad you had such a relaxing weekend ;)

  7. Carlee Willey Padgett3:00:00 PM

    Your flowers are beautiful! What a sweet surprise. I am from NC and haven't actually been to Gaitlinburg even though its not too far. We always go through Nashville. Sounds like its worth trying though!

  8. We enjoy it! There really is a lot to do around there, especially if you've never been. I'd maybe wait til it warms up a little though :)

  9. Heather Hammel8:47:00 AM

    Awww this is so cute!


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