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Weekending | Hiking... and Stuff

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wake up in an ill mood?  I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky little girl; my husband does a good job at indulging me in most of my shenanigans.  But this past week, I have been in rare form.  What's worse, is that I couldn't really pinpoint the source of my crankiness.

Anyway, I walked through the door on Friday night and went straight for the wine.  I had already asked for Saturday to be a day of hibernation for me- I just wanted coffee and quiet and to read.  But, then I woke up Saturday morning with a headache.  Maybe from the wine the night before?  I figured it may be better to get out and get some fresh air rather than sit inside with all the dog hair.  That was not going to get vacuumed that day.

We took the littlest (youngest) bear for a walk down the back roads to visit the cows.  She wasn't too impressed since a) she couldn't run free, b) brothers weren't there to cover her six, and c) they mooed at her.  We read, watched tv, and snuggled.  Then decided it was high time some dogs had a bath.  Seriously, bathing three large dogs is a process- especially when they're so bull-headed and won't stay in the water.  Anyway, they all now smell like lavender fields, have clean ears and teeth, and toe nails clipped.  What terribly ferocious, aggressive bears we have, to let us (me) do all of that to them! 
Saturday Weekending
Sunday, I woke up a littler earlier, enjoyed some coffee and more reading with the boys, while Scott and little Rylee slept it.  Yes, I realize if you're reading this, I sound like a crazy dog person!  Then, we went to explore Econfina River State Park.  We tried two different trails to hike, but had to cut both short due to flooding from the rain the past couple weeks.  We did come across a couple of inactive boar traps.  This was after the old man working at the park asked if we were armed, because of pig and bear out there.  We saw signs of them rooting around throughout the trail.

Econfina River State Park Lamont, FL

Both Saturday and Sunday were perfect Winter days.  I had to post / brag a little on Facebook as family and friends in New England brace for another foot of snow. Sorry Biana!! -- Will the Ground Hog even be able to dig its way out?!?

Fair warning for the coming week: I'm still a little crank-ass.  Maybe by the time my mid-week day off gets here, I'll be rejuvenated!


  1. Heather Hammel7:42:00 AM

    Bathing 3 large dogs is not easy! With Audrey still being a puppy and a tad smaller than the other two, it is a little easier with bathing her but doing all three is exhausting. It is about time they get a bath too, so I really need to kick myself and just do it lol. When I had just the two, I used to take them to this 24 hour dog wash place but haven't done that in a while because there is no lock on the door or anything, so anyone can just walk in and while getting my dogs in the tub or drying them off, I could easily lose grip and they can push the door right open. I just rather not risk their safety.

  2. Yeah it's definitely a hassle, but it's worth it! We got so much extra fur off them, I'm sure they're feeling better as well!

  3. Jordyn Brown9:26:00 AM

    I feel your pain about bathing the pups, I worked at a veterinary clinic before starting school & I had to bath anything from German Sheppards, Great Danes, realllly nippy Chihuahuas, and even some really angry kitties. But your big bears look pretty sweet so I'm sure they aren't too much trouble ;)


  4. Biana Perez10:03:00 AM

    Ahhh I hate when you have a rough week at work!! I'm hoping this one is a bit easier for you!!! NO worries on the snow - at this point I'm pretty much used to it which is really sad! The pups relaxing with you both on the couch looks heavenly!! Hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Thankfully I have a door to my office that can and will remain closed until I feel like I can deal with ... people :) I've been looking at pictures of it up in Maine, and it's just unreal. I kind of miss it. But then, I was hiking yesterday with blue skies and 70 degree temps, and I get over it.


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