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Weekending | A Boy Returns Home

Someday I'll have a more exciting update than layin' around the house.  But not this time.  Scott returned Saturday, after being gone for two full weeks!  As such, I did a mad scramble to get the house in order.  But, by 8:30 in the morning, this was my view.  

When a puppy wants to snuggle. You snuggle.  Most of what I'd wanted to do is  nonsense like mopping the floors.  NBD that I didn't get to it.  We did however, read an entire 350 page book.  Review coming soon.

Sunday was shopping and couch-sitting with the boy and catch up with all the DVRed TV day.  Some of it I'd already watched, but didn't have an issue rewatching.  Some of it (i.e. - Pretty Little Liars!) I waited for his return to watch.  It was such a pretty day, that we had burgers and potatoes on the grill.
I used a grape seed oil and butter with the potatoes- they were delish!
Did I mention that he got his new work vehicle?  We've had a couple outings in it, and it's quite nice!

The back seats fold down flat, so the bears have a big back area to lay around in.  Except when we're on dirt roads, then it's heads out the window!
It was another relaxing weekend, and everybody's happy the the boy is back!

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  1. Jordyn Brown10:00:00 AM

    Two things; one....I have been craving homemade hamburgers so bad & you just intensified that so much, those look so yummy! And two...the bears with their heads out the window is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  2. Biana Perez10:14:00 AM

    Love the new wheels!! So nice! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I just wish we had thought to thaw out some bacon... The bears are definitely the most photogenic subjects! They ride so well, too- as soon as we hit the highway they pass out till we get to where we're going! :)

  4. I like driving this much more than the F150- and it has all the lane departure and cruise assist features. It won't be long till it's all covered in mud though :)

  5. Puppy snuggles are the best snuggles! Your food looks fabulous! What did you think of PLL???

  6. I really have no idea... I was watching it while I was wanting to take a nap lol. I think Toby's protecting Spencer the best he can, but he's kind of being a douche. Granted. So is she. I read that the actor that's playing Mike is going over to Teen Wolf or something, so he might die. Or "die." I still wonder where everyone's parents are. As for who is A- I've given up trying to guess! What about you?

  7. Toby is such a douche right now!!! But I agree, Spencer flirting with that guy that was staying in their barn doesn't really help her case either. And I don't know what to think after what Mike revealed! I am with you, I quit trying to decide who A is too. Supposedly we are supposed to find out next month. Yeah, I believe it when I see it!!! And I completely agree, where are the parents?!?!?!?!

  8. Ahhh 3 more episodes :)


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