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Weekend Target Practice

Shooting .22
.22 handgun
As promised, I'm back today to show off more pictures talk about what I wore for my little target practice sesh on Sunday.  Okay, really to show of some more pictures, because husband did a fantastic job playing photographer.

.22 Rifle
The buffalo check shirt is circa 2012 or so, from Forever 21.  (similar) Boot Kick jeans from American Eagle (my new favorite jeans).  (exact)
Cowboy boots are Justins, bought a couple years ago.  The stitching on the high part is gorgeous, but they are mostly used for outdoor work and protection against snakes.  (exact)
Sunglasses are my KC Costas that I'm still in love with.  They make for some pretty eye protection!  (exact)
Hearing protection from Browning- here's a nice hearing / eye protection combo (exact/ affiliate)

Shooting 9mm
9mm Handgun
AR 15 (.223 Rifle)
gun safety
Okay, so in the first couple of pictures I may not be following the hearing protection rule.  Everyone when they start shooting, should wear hearing protection.  Especially at a public range.  .22s are much quieter than the other guns, and the rifle is even more quiet than the handgun.  Anything over that and your ears will be ringing.
The best pieces of advice I can give:
- The more you shoot, the more accurate you are.   You will also become more comfortable being around guns.  To me, this is a must if you have a weapon of any sort in your home.  Locked away, of course.
- Have someone who knows what they're doing teach you about the parts of the gun.  If you don't know what something does, don't press/pull/lick it.  Okay, so the last one applies to... everything in life.  The other two, basically if you're not 100% certain what it does, don't touch it.  To this day, as soon as I have a miss fire, I drop the magazine and hand it over to husband to clear/ check out.

Shooting target
The results.  I was grouping well- I was pulling to the right a lot.  The bottom part, was where I was actually aiming to hit with the .22 rifle.

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  1. Heather Hammel6:12:00 AM

    I love going shooting! I used to go with one of my exes and use his gun. I really need to get my permit or w/e and get my own gun so that I can go whenever.

  2. How nice, I've never done that before!

  3. It's a lot of fun! Something I'd never done before Scott!

  4. It's an experience for sure!

  5. I have never shot a real gun at a target before. Maybe I should add that to my list of things to do!

  6. Biana Perez4:30:00 PM

    Look at you go!! Looks like fun! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. You knocked it out of the park, girl! Love your braids, too!

  8. Thanks! It's a little Katniss Everdeen- inspired. :)

  9. It really is! It's nice to be able to go outside and do, too! Rather than driving to a range!

  10. You should! :) It's rather empowering!


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