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Being a Single Dog-Mom

Or as Scott likes to call it, a "dirty little monkey."  He travels frequently for work, though usually not more than a night or two a week.

Http:// 1.  The fridge.  There are two pre made servings of Chicken Chipotle Soup this is so I can grab and go for work in the morning.  I usually make enough to eat all week long.  There are also Walmart-version weight-loss shakes in there.  Basically, I skip meals- mostly breakfast. The shakes are so I can get all the vitamins and crap that I apparently need, but I can drink it on my way to work.  I'm partial to the French Vanilla- it's really quite tasty!

2.  The Nightstand.  After getting the bears outside, feeding them, taking them back outside, and feeding myself, I'm pretty much done for the night.  The dogs are very attached to me, especially when Scott's gone.  Which makes it very hard to sit anywhere in this house without being smothered by dog.  I've found it easiest to go the bed, and read/watch tv/blog-  there's room for everyone to stretch out, and I don't get sat on.  Here I my essentials to make it through the evening-  computer, remote, house phone, book, iPad, and Kindle.  On the Kindle, I'm reading reading book 11 of the Gabriel Allon series- it's backlit so I can shut out the light and read in the dark.  You can read my review of A Fifty-year Silence here.

3.  Bears.  They know what's up.

3.5. Here's a bonus:  she's the baby, and by far the most spoiled.

4.  The DVR-  95% of the shows listed are his.  Of those, I'll watch one or two of them with him, and the rest I'll catch bits and pieces of for days while he tries to watch them and falls asleep.  The time is cropped off, but it's not even 7pm.

5.  And not finding anything on the DVR, I catch a rerun of Donnie Loves Jenny.  Then, it's on to TBS for a night of Big Bang Theory reruns, and to be able to wake up to Married with Children.

I'll read some books, or blogs while the dogs snooze, and inevitably be asleep myself by 9:30.

There will be no dish washing, no vacuuming, and no other house duties that I'm sure I should be doing, but haven't.  There will be time for that (kind of) before he returns.  I do miss the kid, but I sure do enjoy this extra snuggle/ me time!

On another note, this is officially my 100th post on the blog!!  Personally, I think that's …okay… but not great!  The blog is over a year old now and in more than 365 days, I have only posted 100 times.  I'm hoping to do better for 2015- only taking weekends and one week day (usually Wednesday or Thursday) off!

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  1. Biana Perez10:34:00 AM

    The way I eat when gary travels is that of a child!!! Happy 100th blog post!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Haha it's actually gotten better for me! It used to be Fun Nuggets (shaped like dinosaurs), Spaghetti-O's, and lots of milk.

  3. Jordyn Brown11:10:00 PM

    Your bears are so cute! Our sweet Ghost (our Rottweiler) would die if he saw those pictures, he's so jealous that we don't let him inside!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  4. Haha they are definitely spoiled rotten. They like to explore, but like to be close to us. For example, our back doors to their fenced in area are open. 2 are in the bedroom, snoozing on the bed in the dark. The other is in the living room laying on the couch with the husband while he works!

  5. Your bears are so cute. I love to watch Donnie Loves Jenny. Thanks for linking up to H54F! Della@Della Devoted

  6. It's really become one of my favorite shows. Between it, Wahlburgers, and Duck Dynasty, A&E's really stepped their game up.


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