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Wednesday Work Attire

You would think that with almost two full weeks off, that I would be on top of this blog thing. You know. Had posts scheduled for all of the days. Know what I was going to write about. At this point at least, know how to spell!

But, while I worked on the blog, I worked on it in a different way. I planned a couple posts, yes. But not as much as I would have liked. I worked on the html. I put a lot of time and effort into comments and reading other blogs. All of this with an internet connection half the speed of smell.

So, in an effort to not fall too terribly behind and only post on Monday and Friday for link ups. Here is one of my favorite work outfits. THE favorite is the yoga pants, but apparently that's only appropriate for my dog-mom job.
I apologize for the crappy iPhone picture.  I can assure you it's the lighting, not the badass camera on the iPhone 6's fault.  And the fact that I was running late.  And I totally need to clean the mirror.

Express light greige sweater from last season // similar
Forever 21 top // similar (they might still have this exact one, but so many things to filter through on their site!!
Express skinny jean leggings (I refuse to say "jeggings")// similar
JustFab Kania boots
Alex & Ani bangles, with Fossil watch from 6 years ago

And now I want to go shopping...


  1. Biana Perez10:23:00 AM

    I love the flowy F21 top - so cute!!! Really love where the boots hit right below your knee!! Also, not sure if you know this, but because you're wordpress you're comments come through as no-reply blogger! email me and I can help you with that!! Didn't want you to think I dont reply to your comments! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Stripes n Vibes10:34:00 AM

    Love your outfit!

    Looks very comfy and cozy)

    Hope you've had great holidays!


  3. Thanks! The boots are actually supposed to NOT come up that far- I'm just short!!!

    Thanks also with the help with the no-reply thing! Darn Google+!

  4. Thanks! Not nearly as comfy as my yoga pants and Bean slippers, but it'll do :)

  5. Kaylee Taylor12:49:00 PM

    I'm seriously loving your hair! So soft and bouncy. Very pretty

  6. You're too sweet! And I LOLed a little bit, because my hair is generally in a knot on the top of my head. Most times I feel like the only thing I have going for it is that I have NEVER dyed it!

  7. I love it! I wish I could wear jeans to work.

  8. It's a slippery slope, because now I want to wear yoga pants to work! And, I've got a pile of business suits and dressier clothes that I don't wear now, because I get comments and questions by my coworkers on being "dressed up" if I do!

  9. Thanks for the post on my blog! New follower!

    The fact that you live on a plantation fascinates me! I just want to look through your blog and find photos of it!

    Also, how do you feel about Just Fab boots? I also wondered what their quality was like. Super cute outfit!

  10. Hey There! TO be fair, it's not really a plantation, just a house in the woods :) We really love it- I love that I can be out in my garage doing stuff and not have neighbors watching me. That we can let our dogs run around without them getting into the road/on others' properties. And being able to garden and pretty much do what we want with out limits of an HOA.

    The boots are great- It's very hard to tell in pictures if any of their footwear is going to be of any quality. My biggest problem with them is the sizing- the boots fit great, but I've got a couple other pairs of shoes or sandals, and the sizing is hit or miss. And I'm too lazy to return them (which is an option).


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