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Rainy Weekending

It's been another quiet weekend here at the plantation.

one.  Clearly the little bear(s) have been enjoying the laziness that comes with the rain.  Except for that they all think they'll melt if they go outside in the rain.  Ferocious little rottweilers they are.  At least it finally cleared off Saturday afternoon.

two.  Time hop reminded me that my life a year ago Saturday was a little more exciting than today.  When you can get pictures like this on your phone with no zoom.  You're close.  And I'm happy.  Coincidentally, Brad Paisley was in Pensacola Friday or Saturday night (don't remember which).  I just know I wasn't there.

three.  Nothing like a little Trivia Crack with a friend from high school.  Especially when he's "beer drunk" and I'm "wine drunk."  Also, we're old, because this took place at 9:30pm on a Friday night.

four.  We did go in to Tallahassee on Sunday for a grocery shop.  Aside from getting a steal at Target (between clearance prices, the Cartwheel app, and the RedCard), we did some grocery shopping and some stocking up at Sam's.  We saw this guide in the book section, and there were variations for iPads, Androids, and Kindles.

five.  Scott cooked up some amazing spicy chicken subs, and made extra for me to bring to work today.  Check back Tuesday for the first attempt at me actually writing down the recipe.  Don't be appalled at the amount of garlic he uses.

If you're in the Northeast like Biana, stay safe!  Facebook reports from friends and family back home show everyone is in a frenzy!

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  1. Don't you love time hop for reminding you that you once had a life? ;) Sounds like a great weekend... I could go for one more lazy day but nope... Monday is here.

  2. Timehop is both a blessing and a curse. I love the memories it brings to me daily. Until I'm at work at 8am and it shows me pictures of my friends and I getting ready to go out at midnight 7 years ago. Then I continue sipping my coffee, pretending it's the Long Island Iced Tea that I used to be so fond of. Before an ounce of hard liquor gave me hangovers.

  3. Biana Perez9:19:00 AM

    That chicken sounds amazing!!! thanks for thinking of me girl!! We'll be safe, but I can't say the same for Jetblue and keeping me on hold for over an hour already LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Ohhh dear! I know they said on the news this morning that they were already canceling sooo many flights. One airline was allowing one-time free flight changes or cancellations. Hopefully you can get out before it gets too bad! Orrr it winds up being nothing and ground crews can keep it under control!

  5. Target is so great with the red card, cartwheel and mobile coupons!!! We do the majority of our grocery shopping at ours.

    My dogs hate the rain. Gracie will go out after I force her and she gives me death stares and sighs, Mac refuses. He hunkers down on the couch and acts like you are hurting him if you try to pick him up to take him out. Ridiculous!!! Also, Trivia Crack is the best game ever!

  6. That chicken does sound yummy! Ugh, I'm needing some warmth here!

  7. We haven't bothered with grocery shopping there, since it's a trek in. Most of ours is done at Walmart and then we use the savings catcher app to get a little extra back (hopefully!)
    Ours go from not wanting to go out in the rain, to going out and standing in it and looking at us. (but not actually doing anything. They're such monsters!

  8. It's chilly here today, but yesterday was about perfect! we were able to have the windows open all day!

  9. Gotta love all the savings at Target! Love using Cartwheel!
    Positively Stephanie

  10. I was seriously going through the app while in store and just adding things! It was great!

  11. Jordyn Brown6:43:00 PM

    Love, love, love the Cartwheel app. If you get things on clearance+the app+red card, you really do get a steal!

    xoxo, SS

  12. Yes! I feel like I do, anyway, til I buy twice as much stuff! :)

  13. Sounds like a good week, I'm going to try that recipe for sure.


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