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Quiet Time on the Plantation

You know what (sometimes) makes me a bad blogger?  The fact that I'm fairly antisocial in real life.  Also, that our idea of a good weekend is one spent at the house.  Now, once spring rolls around, you can be sure that there will be plenty of weekends spent at the beach.

We're trying to hike/walk/ exercise more.  But we have a 1/4 mile driveway, and I mentioned a trail out back that leads directly to a dirt county road.  So, we don't even have to leave the house to do that.  Saturday, we walked over 5 miles between two outings.  The first, going up and down our driveway, we had company.
Rylee learning some new tricks
Oh this nugget.  She's been getting some training lessons from Scott.  She has to sit and stay while we walk the rest of the way to the gate, check the mail, etc.  She also has to "heal" until we get to the opening of the yard.  She's kind of ADD, though.  She does photograph well!!

Later in the afternoon (once it had warmed up!)  We explored the network of dirt roads behind the property.  I know when I thought of "Florida" this was not what I had in mind.  But I like it much more than "Disney" Florida!
Animal Tracks and planted pine sapplings
We found a couple different creature tracks-  these look like raccoon, maybe.  In the fall, the owner of the pine across the dirt road from our trail had harvested it all.  Saturday, we had found saplings replanted in its place.

We found cows.
Florida Cows
Sorry these are so grainy, but they were not cooperating.  You can see a calf nursing on the left.  It was rather funny, because as we walked on, the cows followed us to the edge of their fence.

Panhandle Pasture
This was corn in the fall.  We're not sure what they planted over it, but I want to say they will open the fencing to the cattle in the future.  Let them graze and spread some manure all at the same time.

After we got back, we decided it was time to finally say goodbye to our Christmas tree.
Christmas Tree Disposal
The tree was so dead; we cut it in thirds to burn.  It went up super fast and sprayed a lot of ash.  We kept the pressure washer spraying in the air to catch any embers.  We also decided that it probably wouldn't be smart/safe to burn the rest of it.  Also, you can see our shooting lane in the background of the left picture.  Husband and father-in-law are so excited about it!

Sunday, We moved the console table to a couple more locations in the house.  We found the perfect home for it.  Sorry husband, I'm an Indian giver, and this is staying.  I have plans now for the spot that the Christmas tree was located... I just need more lumber!
X Console Table with bare wood, in living room
I just threw some things on it to see how it look.  There is so much to tell about the things in this picture... (Check back next week!)

Last, we picked up a new book to add to our self-sufficiency / farming library.  We have all of the Backyard Homesteading books.  They are full of great information and are usually our go-to for gardening tips.  This book contains plans to build... a bunch of different things.  Including a greenhouse hoop, which I think would be phenomenal during the winter.
Backyard Homesteading
You can find The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects here (Amazon Affiliate)
The original Backyard Homestead here (Amazon Affiliate)
The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals here (Amazon Affiliate)
Overall, it sounds like such a packed weekend when you throw in a few pictures. But really, not so much! Linking up with Biana and Lisa!


  1. Biana Perez9:28:00 AM

    I'm amazed at how much land you have around you and the fact that your driveway is 1/4 of a mile - pretty fantastic!! love the console table and your little knickknacks on it!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Hahah thanks! It's quite a trek to work in the morning, but the privacy makes it worth it. It's also spoiled us pretty good (and the dogs) - I'm not sure we'll ever be able to live in a neighborhood again!!

  3. Lisa McDermott11:46:00 AM

    I love where you placed the table! and all the cute signs!

    Would love for you linkup this post on my Weekend Recap too :) XO

    -Lisa @ Showered With Design

  4. Thanks! It almost looks like it was made for that spot! I've also swung by and linked up! ;)

  5. Chelsea Williams7:53:00 PM

    What a nice relaxing place to spend time at :) That books looks like it has a lot of fun projects in it!!!
    Found you on the Link up
    Chelsea @

  6. We like it, but it is definitely not for everyone! I have to drive 100 miles a day, just going to and from work!


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